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The next season of the CL and EL is upon us. This season we are introducing a Discord server as a new communication channel, you need to join through the following link: The amount of slots distributed to each league depends on the iFVPA ranking which can be found here: For this iteration the International ProLeague has received two CL slots and two EL slots.


iFVPA Champions League participants (2 slots)




iFVPA Europa League participants (2 slots)




Please ensure your team and players are all signed up in the VPN ( and have joined your squad. Furthermore each team is required to post their full roster in the appropriate forum thread. The deadline for signing up in the VPN and posting on the forum is 29-05-2019 23:59. Be aware that the iFVPA is very strict with Origin ID's, please make sure all Origin ID's are accurate in the VPN and in the forum post, even a small mistake like a capital letter can get you a default loss!


CL forum:

EL forum:


If you have any questions regarding the CL/EL organsiation or rules, please contact JonnyEsbeck (RAGE-KingEsbeck).


Time table:


30-05 Match day 1+2
06-06 Match day 3+4
13-06 Match day 5+6

Transfer break EL until 26-06
Transfer break CL until 03-07

27-06 Round of 32 Europa League
04-07 Round of 16 
11-07 Quarter finals
18-07 Semi finals
25-07 Final


Time zone matrix


We wish all participating teams good luck and a successful international tournament!


The ProLeague team

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