Pro League International Season Preview
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Kleine Einleitung für alle deutschen Leser. In diesem Preview geht es nur um die internationale Pro League. Falls interesse besteht übersetze ich die englische Version gerne in eine deutsche Version. Ich hoffe, dass ich es schaffe mit diesem Artikel euch die PL INT ein bisschen näher zu bringen. Die Teams verdienen auf jeden Fall mehr Aufmerksamkeit als sie jetzt gerade bekommen. Viel Spaß beim lesen!



Hello and welcome to the Pro League International season preview! This season will be extra special because we have 3 new League admins that will take care of the league. We the admin team will work on further growing the reputation of this international league. The international league had its biggest achievement last season with 2 international teams in the semi final and 1 team (LEGACY) actually winning the german cup for the first time.

We obviously hope to continue that trend and achieve better results in the german cup as well as the european competitions. We hope that you (the reader) will be more interested in the international league than last year, because the teams deserve it. Before you read this please keep in mind, this is just my prediction. If i predict you worse than you think you deserve. Take it as an extra motivation to prove me wrong!


We now have an official Pro League International Discord, if you want to join, click here ! I repeat, this Discord is only for the international League! 
Let’s get started with:




CS Marítimo eSports are one of the better portuguese teams but they will have to prove themselves against the international competition in this league. They are new and the only portuguese team in this league. It’s hard to judge where CS Marítimo eSports will finish but i see them in the midfield of the table and their cup run will probably end in round 2 or 3 depending on their opponent. FC Ragnarök

Next up are FC Ragnarök, they are a new team trying to prove themselves against some of the bigger names in the international szene. The only competitive cup/league they played so far was the FFA Cup in which they lost in a very close game in the semi final to Venom FC. FC Ragnarök will try to gain as much experience as possible, if they stay together and form a strong bond between the teammates, they can be a force to reckon with in the coming seasons.

So far they've made big improvements, lets see how this will continue. I project them to finish somewhere in the lower middle of the table, their cup run will end in round 2 or 3 depending on their opponents. Fusion FC

Fusion is our new dutch team, which makes it 3 dutch teams in the current season. They compete(ted) in a couple different international competitions already, for example the FFA cup or the current 2nd international VPL division. The fight for the middle of the table will be tough but i can see them winning against some of the upper mid tier teams. Their cup run will probably end in the first two rounds. Of course also depending on their opponents. Legacy

Legacy are the reining german cup winners and runner up in the Pro League International Division. They obviously want to achieve at least the championship in the international league. Every team has to aim high, so i expect them to aim for a triple. German cup, PL INT champion and CL Winner. All three will be hard work but Legacy showed that they are capable of winning against big teams. Even if it means playing very defensive ;)

I expect them to finish 2nd in the PL INT League, i don’t think they will beat Revival this season unless Revival makes mistakes. Their cup run will probably go far again, i expect them to at least reach the quarter final. Legacy is definitely a team to watch this Season! Lex Artis

Lex Artis is also new to the League and will want to prove themselves against the bigger teams. They are formerly known as MYM FC, which competed in the 1st International VPL Division. It’s hard to project where they end up, they are currently going through a lot of changes. Depending on how well they do with their changes i can see them being part of the fight for mid table. If they take a bit longer to adjust to their changes then i can see them fight in the lower part of the League. Definitely an interesting team to watch, we all wish them the best in the upcoming season. I can see them finishing in the 1st or 2nd round of the cup. Paramount FC

Another new team in the League. They are bringing a bit of experience from the current Champions League Season.

It will be interesting to see if they can manage to fight for the middle of the table. I project them to finish in the range of 9th - 13th, their cup run will probably end in the 1st or 2nd round. I think Paramount will use this season to test the waters. If they keep improving over the season i can see them in the middle of the table for next season. Definitely another interesting team where the first couple games will decide how the season will go. Provocateurs

Provocateurs formerly known as Lazarski Rejon are a polish team that took a small break from the Pro League Action but are now ready to join the fun again. They finished middle of the table last time they played in the international PL. It will be interesting to see if they grew in the season they missed out. Their competition definitely improved so it will be tough for Provocateurs. I expect them to finish lower mid table and i expect their cup run to end in the first two rounds depending on the opponent. Reborn

Reborn are the first french team in this Preview. They took part in the current Champions League Season but sadly finished bottom of their group. In all fairness, it was one of the toughest Group in this years Champions League. The first couple of games will be very important for Reborn as they will show where they stand in this League. Reborn are hard to judge but i can see them fight for the higher mid table spots. Their cup run will probably end in round 2 or 3. Revival

Revival will be THE team to beat. They finished third last season but don't let that fool you. They were only 2 points behind last years champions En Masse. If we look back at least Season we can say that Revival "lost" the last season in the first 2 game days. To start the Season with two default losses cost them the points they missed in the final table. They also had the best goal difference last season. Everything points at a brilliant Season for Revival. They won the 1st international VPL Division and finished 2nd in their Champions League Group. They now have to face Russo Turisto from Russia.

Maybe they can even clinch the triple this season. German cup, PL INT champion and CL winner? It is definitely in the realm of possibilities but it will be hard work. I expect them to win the PL INT and to go far in the german cup. With a bit of luck in the draw, they could go to the semi final or the final. Another team to watch! Symphony

Symphony is the second french team in this preview. They are currently taking part in the Champions League and won their Group. They now have to face Provo Giants in the first Knockout stage. Symphony will be one of the better teams of the league. I can see them push for one of the top 4 spots. I think their cup run will finish in round 3 or 4 if they get lucky with the draw. Symphony will be interesting to watch as they try to steal points from the top teams. The Rising Phoenix

They are the third dutch team in this competition. They finished second to last last season. It will be interesting to see if they improved over the break and how well they do against the new teams. If they improved in the break, i can see them fight for the 11th to 14th spot this season. But if they didn’t then i see them finish in the last two spots this season. I hope they surprise us with a brilliant season, fingers crossed ;) Ukraine

Ukraine finished 7th out of 12 last season. If they improved over the break i can see them fight for a mid table spot. If they didn’t improve in this break, i can see them fight for a lower mid table spot. I project their cup run to end in the 1st or 2nd round of the cup. They might surprise us all if they manage to consistently get 11 players for their games. They surprised us last season with high scoring games and draws to the bigger clubs. Unshackled

Unshackled finished in the middle of the table last season. They topped their Euro League group and will aim for a good finish in the Euro League. I can see them finish in the mid table again this season, their cup run will probably end in round 2 or 3 depending on their luck in the draw. It’s hard to project their EL finish but i think they can reach the quarter finals. Unshackled are one of the older teams in the PL INT, they will definitely aim for at least a top 6 finish. They are entering their 8th PL Season, with their best finish being 4th in Season 12! Venom FC

Venom is the other team that got into the semi final in the last german cup. They obviously want to reach the final this time. It will be hard work for them but with a bit of luck with the draws it could be possible. They were able to beat some of the top 3 teams last season but they lack in consistency. Venom finished 4th last Season which seems to be the case almost every time they play in this league. They reached the Euro League Knockout stages and aim to win it this year. I can see them finish Top 4 again, which is obviously not enough for them. It will be interesting if they can gain some consistency and keep up with the top 2 in this League. As i said, i expect them to finish in the Top 4, their Cup run will at least go to round 3, I also expect them to go far in the Euro league. (I might be a bit biased here ;) )






Just as a reminder again, this is just my prediction. I don’t mean to offend anyone, if you are offended. Take it as motivation to prove me wrong. 




I can only go off of last seasons stats for my assumptions, so it will mostly be players in my TOTS prediction that played last season.



I see Lani from Legacy winning this one, Revivals GK will have a good shot at it too but they have to stick to one GK in order for this to happen.



I can see Ronan from Venom and Cerebsassin from Legacy taking this title.



This will be tough, a lot of teams rotate on this position. I can see either of the CB's from the top teams win this title. It all depends on how consistently they are in the starting 11.


Defensive Midfield:

There are two players that stand out in this position for me, the question will be if they can rack up the points in this season. My favourites are Grecio from Revival and Telfer from Venom.


Wide Midfield:

In my opinion this position allready has a winner. At least one of the two wide midfielders in this seasons TOTS will be Thijmo from Revival. The other wide Midfielder could be Leurz from Legacy or Edwin from Venom.


Attacking Midfield:

KeukenRollle from Revival, BasseM from Legacy or Wezz from Venom could take this title.



My top two for this Season will be Stefan from Revival and Azz from Venom. Keep an eye on Doelpunten from Legacy and Rev3 from Symphony, they could take the golden boot this season.

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