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The Season started two weeks ago and we can finally post the Week 1 review. In this review, we will take a closer look at the fixtures and how each team fared in the season’s opener. A special focus will be placed on last seasons 2nd and 3rd placed teams, Legacy and Revival. We will also cover some of the newcomers to the league. We’d like to welcome a new team to the league. Xzibit is officially replacing CS Maritimo eSport. Xzibit will do their best to catch up with the games. We wish them good luck for the season!



Ukraine enjoy goals a plenty on opening weekend

On opening weekend of the Proleague Int season, it was Ukraine who brought the excitement and thrills. They faced up against two formidable opponents in Revival and ReBorn. Ukraine shocked the league after going 2-0 in front at the break against title contenders Revival. However a spirited comeback in the second half, stopped them right in their tracks. The game ended 5-3 in favour of Revival, who’s quality in the final third definitely showing in those last few minutes. Their second game was against ReBorn, and once again the goals were flying in. Each team lead once in the game, but as the seconds dwindled down, it looked to ReBorn who would grab all 3 points. It was a ferocious slide tackle from EdenHazarD that rallied the Ukraine players together for one last attack. Pro11Dimjke found jediaeris who, from a tight angle, thumped the ball into the roof of the net, making it 3-3. When the final whistle blew, a sense of relief must have overcome the Ukraine players. Spectators would not have been disappointed watching this Ukraine side. In their involved matches this week, 14 goals were scored, 6 of them for, and 8 of them against. They will hope for a quieter one next week when they face Xzibit and Lex Artis


  vs  Late drama gives ReBorn all three points

ReBorn secured all three points against a resolute Unshackled side. But don't let the scoreline fool you. The game was only just decided in the last couple of minutes. All game Unshackled had successfully suppressed the strike duo of GRIEZMANN and Ipswich. It was in the 86th minute where Unshackled were undone. GRIEZMANN managed to find Ipswich in a pocket of space just outside the box, giving him the time to take a touch and smash it past the keeper. Unshackled now had to commit players forward. Despite this ReBorn continued to stand firm at the back, and were awarded with a penalty in the 91st minute after GRIEZMANN was wiped out in the opposition box. Unselfishly he handed the ball to his striker partner Ipswich , who slotted it home for his brace. Despite the result, its safe to say Unshackled now know that they have a decent backline however this game showed that support from their attackers is needed if they want to win these important matches against upper table opposition. 


+ Quick of the marks!

With the start of the new season we have new 1sts. 1st goal of the season, 1st own goal, 1st red card and 1st yellow card. Quickest of the mark was 19R89 from Ukraine, he scored the first goal of the season in the 6th minute. The competition for the first goal of the season was actually closer than you might think. The second place for the first goal of the season was Symphony´s Skarr who scored in the 7th minute in the game against Lex Artis. The first own goal of the season goes to itraC from Revival. It was actually the second goal in the Ukraine vs Revival game which as you know ended 5:3. It took exactly 7 minutes for Revival to win two 1sts for them. The first own goal was in the 17th minute while the first yellow card was in the 24th minute of the REV vs UKR game. KeukenRolle from Revival managed to clinch this important title for Revival. The first red card of the season was the ugly finish to an outstanding performance by the Revival squad in their 3:0 win against Fusion FC. FakeTop100 takes the honors for the first red card. So to sum it up, Revival was part of every 1st this Season and they actually won 3 out of 4. 

ITRAC deflects the ball into his own net, after a series of rebounds, blocks and tackles. A hectic goal line scramble can be the only way to describe this goal.  


5 star Rev3 fires Symphony into top three!

Symphony began their proleague campaign with a 5-1 thumping against fellow newcomer Lex Artis. Interestingly enough, all five of Symphony´s goals were scored in the first half, and striker Rev3 was involved in all five, scoring a hat trick and assisting the other two. With those contributions, Rev3 has now broken into the top 10 of all time strikers in the league. He will be hoping to put on a challenge for the golden boot this season, and currently he already occupies the No. 1 spot on the scorer list. Despite his stand out performance, the team as a whole played a very strong game, not allowing Lex Artis any time on the ball, and holding possession of the ball, patiently looking for openings in the opposition defence. Its safe to say Symphony will be a force to be reckoned with this season. 

Rev3 smashes it past the keeper to make it 5-1. This was the goal that completed his hat trick. A great all-round performance from the Symphony striker. 


+   Battle on the all time Scorer Leaderboard

As the new season starts, new battles evolve everywhere. But there is one battle you probably haven’t noticed. It’s the battle for the best active Striker in the League INT. Additionally it's also a battle for the best dutch striker to have ever played in the League INT. At the moment we have Doelpunten ahead of Stefan. Doelpunkten has more scorer points but he also has more games under his belt. Stefan has been dominating the last two seasons. Always finishing with above 30 scorer points. The Strikers have a different playstyle. Doelpunkten is playing a tall (6.4ft) in a 433 or 343. While Stefan is playing a smaller Striker in a 352. It definitely shows the difference in the stats. Doelpunkten has 101 Scorer points, 46 of those are goals. While Stefan has 99 scorer points, 66 are goals. Nevertheless, both are very good at their own play style. If these two perform well on a matchday, then there is no holding them back. We expect a close battle this season!  



Let us know in the comments what you think of our first League INT Matchday Review! Be on the lookout for the next reviews. It will be coming soon! 












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Really interested on who is going to be top-scorer this season :)
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That was a nice read!
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Revival made also first mistake in new season. That was unfortunately my job. But to be honest I was aiming to LCB not CB. Life. :/
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Thanks for the welcome. Very good analysis of week 1 and look forward to seeing more or this.
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