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Welcome to the sixth PL INT review. This week we had 3 matchdays. We had battles between the bottom of the league, top of the league and of course the middle of the league. We hope that you enjoy this weeks review!



vs Battle for the lead!

As the first half of the season comes to an end we still miss one of the biggest games of the season. Revival vs Venom. These two Veterans are in a close battle for the lead. Venom currently have a gap of 1 point but they also played 1 game more than Revival. A win in this game could push them into 1st place. Due to a Wildcard use by Revival this game will be played this Thursday 22:00 CEST. Sadly we already know that the current top scorer of the league Stefan can’t participate in this game. Revival should have the advantage due to their current form but if we compare the results of the last couple games these two teams played against each other we will find out that it is actually Venom who won three out of the last 4 games. Will Venom be able to continue this run and finish the 1st half of the season as leaders or will Revival show their strength and take this important victory against Venom?


Rev3 breaks duck, and fuels Symphony’s charge. 

After losing both games in week 5, Symphony wanted to close the gap to the top again. First game of the week was against Ragnarök who are on a brilliant form. They started the week off with a draw. It was clear that Symphony had to let off some steam. Sadly enough for Xzibit they were up next against Symphony. SYM striker Rev3 ended his goal “drought” of 1 goal in 4 games and finished the Xzibit game with 3 goals! A brilliant way to finish the 1st half of the season. Symphony will hope that they can keep their form for next week's game against Lex Artis.

Rev3 is mobbed by his teammates after converting from the spot to grab his hat trick against Xzibit. 


LA finally gain points

After a disappointing start to the season it looked like another bad week for Lex Artis. They started the week off against a strong Revival side and lost 0:7. They managed to gain points in the other two games and went out of this week with 4 points out of 3 games. A good result for them especially since the other two opponents were french team Reborn who are currently in the top 4 and their neighbor Xzibit. This game was especially important in the fight for the last 2 spots in the league. The Reborn game finished 0:0 and the Xzibit game finished 1:0 for LA. With a good end to the first half of the season they will hope to continue with this momentum against Symphony and Venom FC. 


Xzibit continue to struggle

Newcomers Xzibit have definitely not had it easy over the first half of the season. After only one win in 11 games, it was clear that something had to change. In this case, it was the personnel that was altered, with 3 new additions to the squad. Despite all 3 being relatively inexperienced in competitive play, Xzibit needed fresh talent in for the 4 players that left on the other side of the revolving door. However despite these new faces, it seemed only to paper over the cracks as Xzibit lost all 3 of their games, with a total of 1 goal scored. And with their CDM, Adamitup collecting the most MVPs in the league, it’s clear where the team needs to strengthen. Obviously the new players have to find their feet under a new team, and Xzbit will hope they make the impact they need to shoot themselves up the league table. However, adding insult to injury, Xzibit are also now the dirtiest team in the league, collecting a total of 10 cards over the course of the season.  Interestingly enough though and perhaps surprisingly, Xzibit are only the third team to have come away points against title favourites Revival. The other two teams being Legacy and ReBorn. 



Struggles continue for Xzibit, having only won 1 in 13 games. Striker, Ziggystar displays his frustration to the referee after getting cautioned away to Symphony.

Two ends of the spectrum result in mediocrity 

Ukraine have not disappointed in terms of entertainment this season. Recently they beat folded team Paramount 10-1, having also been on the other end of a high score line earlier on in the season against Venom, where they lost 11-0. Interestingly, they have the joint 2nd most goals scored with a total of 34 goals in just 13 games, but subsequently also have the worst defensive record in the league with a total of 41 goals conceded. These ridiculous stats see them sit uncomfortably in 10th just in front of Lex Artis and Xzibit.   




We will release the weekly review every tuesday! We hope that you enjoyed this weeks PL INT review.








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