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Welcome to this weeks PL INT review. We got a lot closer to finding this seasons champion. We are also looking at battles all over the league. 





Revival on their way to win the championship

After last weeks victory over Legacy, Revival are well on their way to win this seasons championship. They went even further this week and won both games with overall 15 goals. It is well worth mentioning that they beat the french side Reborn 8:0 who are currently in 3rd place as well as the 10th placed Xzibit with 7:0. Revival now have only three games to go, with a six point gap. Is it to early to call Revival the champions? What do you guys think?


Will Fusion lead over Ragnarök last until the end?

Oh how the tables have turned…. this time we can talk about Fusion winning four in a row instead of losing four weeks in a row last week. This was a very important week for Fusion as their gap to Ragnarök grew. They started the week with a strong win against Lex Artis, followed by a default win versus Symphony. The third game was versus the entertainers of the league, Ukraine. And of course, the game versus Ukraine was another spectacle. Fusion started strong into the game with a 2:0 lead into half time. Every goal by Fusion was answered by a quick goal from Ukraine. In the end of the game Ukraine were only missing the two goals from the first half. We will have to take a close look at the duel between Fusion and Ragnarök in the next week. This could be a gamechanger in the Europa League qualifiers. 

MPleuM scores the only goal of the game vs. Unshackled in the 74th minute!


Can Unshackled keep the last Europa League spot?

Unshackled are only three points in front of Ukraine. Both still have the chance to qualify for the 6th EL & CL spot (If the PL INT gets six spots for next season) With that being said, Unshackled have the better record from the last couple games. Unshackled won 3 out of the last 5 games while Ukraine won 2 out of the last 5 games! Unshackled have three games left this season while Ukraine only have two games left. Here comes the tough part for Unshackled. They have to face both Legacy and Revival. Additionally to that Ukraine is also facing Provocateurs, who are right below them in the standings. Provocateurs have less games played so they will be able to overtake Unshackled with their own power. 


Stefan claims 2nd place and also edges closer on most MVP titles

Stefan took a bit longer than expected to reach the top two of the all time most dangerous attacker in the PL INT. I guess you could blame the fact that S18 is a summer season where everyone eventually takes a couple days off for a vacation. Even though some expected Stefan to take the crown a lot sooner, I think we will have to wait until the last game of this season or the first couple games of the new season to see Stefan take the crown. The Gap to Fish from EnMasse is now closed down to 7 points! Stefan isn’t the only one charging for the #1 spot tho. Close behind him is Legacy’s top striker Doelpunten! He is currently in 4th but only 4 points behind Stefan. I expect him to move up to third in this season. We will keep a close eye on Stefan and Doelpunten to find out who will be the new #1 most dangerous attacker of the PL INT! 

Stefan scores his fourth goal in the 8:0 win versus Reborn!


Can Revival beat their own record?

Once again I have to talk about Revival, I mean after all they will probably become this seasons champions. We compared the last couple seasons to find out which championship team had the biggest gap to the second placed team. Low and behold, it’s Revival! They won in Season 16 with a gap of 12 (!) points. This is extremely impressive if you add the fact that S16 had only 18 games and Revival won all of them but two! Honorable mentions are X Raptors in Season 13. They managed to create a gap of 11 points in 30 games! We hope that someone can withstand Revival next season to create a title fight that isn’t decided until the last game. 



We will release the weekly review every Tuesday! We hope that you enjoyed this weeks PL INT review.


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