TOTW: S20 | League INTERNATIONAL | Matchday #3
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To honour special performances in the International League we will post regularly a Team of The Week. The players chosen will be based on the match days of that week (weeks 15 and 16). NONE of the players have been chosen by the writer.


How is the TOTW determined?


TOTW S20 Week 3


The former EQ goalkeeper, Pastooh22 from Legacy had an outstanding weekend, keeping 3 clean sheets and helping them past direct competitor Black Wyrm.




Giving an assist in the match that can be considered the comeback of the week, L26-WyczeSaniecX has earned his spot in the TOTW.

L3-7ossaM kept a clean sheet in the victory over Solarize FC, showing he is a top class wing-back.



Centre backs

L6-Lukas, The revelation of this league has shown again to be one of the top class centre backs in the Int League. Being the solid rock in the heart of the defence he has led Legacy to 9 points and 2 clean sheets this week.

Along Lukas’ side stood L19-Bartooooo. The Polish centre back can not be forgotten in this week TOTW, having an equal share in the 9 points as his fellow on his left side.




Centre midfielders
As another Legacy player appears in this week TOTW, it might be able to say this week was a good week for Legacy. Not only keeping 2 clean sheets, but BassX1N also gave 2 very important assists.

L10-Leg1uniV had a dream week. Scoring the winning goal against rival Black Wyrm, on top of that, he also assisted both goals in the 2-0 win over Solarize FC.




Wing midfielders

The first non-legacy player is RAG-Dex84. The winger from Ragnarök FC had his best week of this season. Before this week he was only involved in 1 goal (although that was the winner against Solarize FC), this week he has scored twice and assisted once.


What a way to make your debut. Scoring a goal and assisting in your first match in PL against Horizon above all is an extraordinary result for the new wing midfielder, Edoras





Racking up the goals, assists and MVP’s, L7-Szpila is by far the most important for Legacy this season. Once more he has shown to be of great importance, scoring both goals against Solarize FC and assisting  the important 2-1 against Black Wyrm

RAG-Murphy is a potato who doesn’t respond to his DM’s.



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