Pro League International Season 21 Preview
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A new season, a new round and of course new chances. Some things have changed since Season 20, 14 clubs instead of 12, the comeback of the old rivals Legacy and REVIVAL and the disbanding of SimpleX. Other things have not changed, FIFA is still shit and the ball is still round. Even though it sometimes feels like it's a square.



Teambild 1st: REVIVAL - Title winner and Champions League

Arguably one of the all-time best clubs in the International league, REVIVAL makes its comeback to ProLeague.
Having not lost a single league game since Season 19 and having all of their key players gaining experience in the German Leagues, it will be harder than ever to beat the Dutch side. The real question this season will be, will they keep their 32 consecutive unbeaten match streak? And if not, against who will they lose?


Teambild 2nd: Legacy - Runners up and Champions League

To make the league even more interesting, other giant returns: Legacy. For a long time, it looked like Legacy was buried underground, but with SimpleX disbanding two weeks before the start of the season and an open spot, Legacy makes its return to the league. Keeping some of the old players, in the likes of L0-lOwN3DXD , L23-Doelpunten , L11-DolaN and PeTaH_BFV , mixed with new players, Legacy will put up a hell of a fight to claim yet another title. If it will be enough to stop REVIVAL from winning, is yet to be seen.

Teambild 3rd: Ragnarök FC - Champions League

Over the last couple of seasons, the Irish side has developed themselves to a formidable opponent. Making the necessary transfers including RAG-Rusty67, I-Lance-I and RAG-Trempale , most opponents will struggle against the experienced team. Even a second-place will not be that unthinkable, considering the experience Ragnarök FC holds this season. Legacy and REVIVAL need to be on their guard, to be not get beaten by the Irish.


Teambild 4th: Provocateurs - Non-INT, unable to qualify for EL

The Polish side had a turbulent season, to say the least. Merging with Legacy and later on taking over and splitting again from Legacy, they're now back under their old name Provocateurs. With a new logo and some new players including P21-Kalvin and Pastooh22 , it will be hard to beat them. However, hard does not mean impossible and they will most likely lose points against the top teams in the league.


Teambild 5th: Ragnarök MG - Non-INT, unable to qualify for EL

The Italian side is quite unknown and is one of the many newcomers in the INT League. Seen in a variety of cups and leagues, they have shown to be able to play decent FIFA. One of those leagues was the Champions League, in which they reached the semi-finals and beaten Legacy twice, showing they're a decent opponent who should not be taken lightly.


Teambild 6th: Outlawz - Europa League

Outlawz was the convincing winner of the In-Between-Cup held during the season-break. In this cup and in the FPCA-cup, in which they beat REVIVAL in the group stages, Outlawz showed to be a solid side with players knowing what their job is. However, their lack of experience, often spanning less than a season, may turn against them and could hold them back against the bigger teams in the league.


Teambild 7th: Vogue - Non-INT team, unable to qualify for EL

The butcher of Entourage has made it to INT1. A team with experienced players and quite defensive team play, may not have finished their first season in the Turkiye Pro Ligi, though in the CL they have shown to be a tough opponent. If they can carry this level of play onto the international league, a new David could rise to slaughter Goliath.


Teambild 8th: Juventus Bucaresti - Non-INT team, unable to qualify for EL

Perhaps more famous for their FUT top 100 players, Juventus Bucaresti seems to be a team on the rise. Proving themselves over and over in FUT, they now seek a new challenge in Pro Clubs. Their consistency may be their greatest enemy. Showing great play but also with unnecessary losses against much smaller opponents. If they stabilize their results and play, Juventus Bucaresti could become one of the better sub-top teams.


Teambild 9th: Eclipse - Europa League

A new team with many experienced players who have played at the highest levels in the CL and WC. It sounds all so promising for a new super team, but most of their players had to leave because they just could not make it in to the starting XI. Perhaps not in direct danger of relegation, a wrong move could change the course of the season and place them somewhere they should not belong. It will be tough, but at the end of the season, they will finish just above the ever feared red line and qualify for the EL.


Teambild 10th: Legion XI eSport - Europa League

Rome wasn't built in one day and neither was Legion XI, who took their time to build a team worthy of INT1. But with the majority of the team having barely to no experience in PL, their encounters with other teams not much stronger might cost them unnecessary points. However, we can never judge a book by its cover. The Italian side may surprise many opponents with their 4-3-3, attacking play.


Teambild 11th: Devil eSport - Non-INT team, unable to qualify for EL

One of the two remaining French teams is Devil eSport. Existing out of former PHG TITAN, Venga Venga FC and new players the squad looks quite promising. Lacking experience, the skill on certain positions and a goalkeeper, it will be a tough and challenging season for the French side.


Teambild 12th: Promising - Non-INT team. unable to qualify for EL

Hoping to honour their name, Promising has to work hard on the road before reaching their desired destination: survival in INT1. It will be a bumpy ride with tough bumps on the road. Much like other teams ranked at the bottom, they are promising but lacking in experience above all. The majority of the squad has little to no experience in the INT league. They do have an ace up their sleeve, which may come in handy: The French style of play is hard to beat.


Teambild 13th: Unshackled - Direct relegation and Europa League

Although not an unfamiliar phenomenon in INT league, Unshackled has a decent chance of relegating and qualifying for the EL at the same time. This is made possible by the lack of INT teams in the league, resulting in this very odd situation. The veterans and longest playing team in the INT league have always struggled to stay away from the relegation zone. This season might be their last on the highest level possible for INT-teams. 


Teambild 14th: Tsunami Poland - Direct relegation

The oldest team in the league is Tsunami Poland. A once-feared team has slowly slid down a dark path of demise towards the relegation zone. Not having enough quality in the team will, in the end, make them come short of surviving in the INT league. A sad future may lay ahead, in FIFA everything is possible. Even for the Polish veterans.



TOTS 21 prediction:


This season the competition will be between Pastooh22 and REV-Eleven. The Polish goalkeeper might be the better player, but REV-Eleven can count on a very strong defence who will barely give away chances. 


As said before, REVIVAL will be predicted with the strongest defence in the league. However, rotation within the team might give other contenders like RAG-NathanOxley and  H0SX chances to claim their place in TOTS.


The absolute favourite for this position will be REV-Yuri. The Dutch defender is well known for his goal-line clearances and ability to lead the defence. Next to him will be either another REVIVAL player or someone of the likes as Legacy's PeTaH_BFV or P99-BigBartooo from Provocateurs.

Central Defensive Midfielder:

As well as on other position, barely anything will change with yet another REVIVAL player seen as a favourite. In this case, it will be REV-Olli. He can expect competition from players like ASHRAFMOHMAEDAWY (Legacy) and Xonyo (Ragnarök FC).

Central Attacking Midfielder:

This round will be between two Dutch players: L23-Doelpunten (Legacy) and REV-Keukenrol . Both are very experienced and are well recognized for their playmaking abilities. Perhaps there will be an underdog from different teams. Though their chances are probably slim. 

Wing Midfielders (LM / RM, LW / RW excluded)

Like previous seasons, REV-Thijmo will take up the LM position with his assists and goals have given throughout the season. On the right side, we might see a big fight between other players. It is uncertain who this will be. But chances are BeunHaas or RAG-Dex84 might take the position.

Strikers (included wingers)

The list of potential players is long. REV-Stefan is the one having the biggest chance, but with L11-DolaN, RAG-Murphy, REV-Madoorah, JUV-Cristiano in the distance, it will be very interesting to see who will pair up upfront. 

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