TOTW: S21 | Super Proleague | Matchdays 1 - 4
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To honour special performances in the SPL  we will post regularly a Team of The Week. The players chosen will be based on the match days of that week (weeks 1 and 2).


How is the TOTW determined 






TOTW S21 Week 1 & 2


Keeping two clean sheets in four games against teams considered better than you is an achievement. But also earning two MVPs as a goalkeeper, that is something extremely rare. Yet, BAD-xxmastR_ did this against Equality and DeathRowArmy. It brought Bad Touch to a quite comfortable fourth position, with a four points lead to place five.


Centre Backs

Three clean sheets and at the top of the table and an average match rating of 7.5. Those are the incredible stats VOLT-Timson is dealing with after four games. The German centre back is a rock in the defence and not even being halfway, it looks very good for his side.

In the absolute heart of the defence, stands Cuninho8-DRA. Like the other defenders in this list, he has kept three clean sheets and stands at the top of the table. He only did this in the hardest group SPL of this season, with opponents like Equality 05 and 187 Rasenbande, it is a true achievement to do this against such tough opponents.

As well as his colleague did, Zenobio did perhaps even better. Three clean sheets, at the top of the table, an 8.1 on average and an MVP to top it off. These monsters of stats have led VOLT into a position many could only dream of at the start of this Season’s SPL.


Central Midfielders

Probably one of the most experienced midfielders in ProLeague on top-level is ArCeZ-DRA. The former Entourage and El Tornado player shows once more why he has played for the best for such a long time. Three clean sheets in four matches and an average match rating of 8.1 are amazing stats, especially when you consider the tough opponents played in the group.

As one of the few players in the league playing on CM, H2-Pari has a different job than most central midfielders. Almost always standing in between the opponent’s CDM and CAM, his adjustment must always be on spot. But scoring two goals, assisting four and keeping a clean sheet, those are stats almost unheard of.

The last central midfielder and the most attacking one in this formation is the Luxon Gaming CAM and manager, LXG_criaturaaaaa. In four matches he was good for two goals, two assists and an MVP. Three out of the four lead to a six-points winner, including a 90th-minute winner over Legion XI eSports.

ProfBaatz is the last midfielder on this list. The defensive-minded German kept thee clean sheets over Legion XI eSports, Provocateurs and ObstruXion. With these clean sheets, ProfBaatz has brought his team to a surprising second place and with this, they’re nearly secured for the knockout stages.


Wing Attacker

Four matches, five goals. And not just five goals, all goals were either the opening or the decisive goals. It has kept Knallgas unbeaten and above all: at the top of the table. Even though two teams have dropped from the tournament (vogue and MAD penguins) it will not be a surprise to see H2-SteveDavis and up as top scorer this tournament.


Centre Forwards

A legend in goal and a myth in the making on the striker position, ALL4TheG4inZ-DRA has had a stunning week. Three goals, six assists and another three MVPs in just four matches. Without his involvement, the stand on the tables would have looked entirely different from what is now.

Four goals, three assists, three MVPs and being decisive in three matches, earning his side a total of five points. That all in just three matches. Impressive stats by HA-Gumus who is showing how world-class he can be in SPL.



Honourable mentions: The bank


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