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With FIFA 21 coming out, it once again opens up opportunities for new and old to show their worth in the Proleague International 1 league. The international scene on Proeague saw a lot of changes in FIFA 20, and this time around, that is no different with the introduction of a new THREE league system. This article will predict both the league finishes and the TOTS. We welcome all newcomers, and wish everyone the best of luck for the upcoming season!



 1st – REVIVAL

They are the most prominent and successful side in Int 1 history, therefore it is no surprise to predict another league title for the Dutch side. REVIVAL have won the last three leagues in which they participated in, with two incredible unbeaten runs in the last two. In terms of additions, REVIVAL have brought in xLewy9x, who’s 19 goal contributions helped his former team (Juventus Bucuresti) secure a runner up spot in their debut season. Grecio also returns to the club after a short stint at Unshackled. Both players add another layer of quality, on top of an already incredibly strong base. Championship mentality will be key for REVIVAL, as they prepare to defend their title.


 2nd – Las Estrellas

Las Estrellas have been involved in the pro clubs scene for a long time now. They were the first ever Int 1 winners back in FIFA 16, although with a much-changed squad. The core of this new look team comes from Turkish side Never Enough, who last season competed in the Turkish Pro League, taking the title in flying colours. Last time this core played together in the Int 1 league, they finished 2nd just behind LEGACY. A Champions League runner up medal was also achieved. This team brings in a wealth of Proleague experience with prominent names such as Niki96, Legunia and captain JK4YN just to name a few. A new edition of FIFA offers a new opportunity. Can this experienced side take the crown away from REVIVAL? It will be a tough task, but one I’m sure they will relish.  


 3rd – Ragnarök FC

In recent years, Ragnarök FC have really cemented their place in the Int 1 league. Since their debut in S18, they have improved their place every season. From 7th to a 3rd in the most recent season, Ragnarök will want to improve once more. In terms of transfers, Ragnarök have brought in Darius-XII and Klaudius, both from Never Enough, as well as Princedays. It will be interesting to see how those new signings will integrate into the team.   


 4th – Juventus Bucuresti

Arguably the best team to come out of Romania, Juventus Bucuresti will want to push on from last season’s impressive Int 1 debut. They surpassed everyone’s expectations last season. Having been predicted to finish 8th, the side rallied to a very impressive runner up spot. However, during the off season they lost some key players in xLewy9x (joined REVIVAL) and Beunhaas (joined ETHEREAL). Therefore, I think Juventus Bucuresti will rest in 4th. 


 5th – Venom FC

This well-known outfit mark their return after a two-season absence. Last time Venom participated in the Int 1 league, they disappointingly finished 9th, a season they will want to forget. This team can compete with the very best when on top form, however that consistency has always been Venom's downfall. For FIFA 21, the core of the team stays the same, with DaniNL being the only notable addition. 


 6th – Venga Venga FC

Venga Venga will suit up for their second Int 1 appearance. The French side are fairly well known in the scene, having achieved both CL and EL experience. In S20 they finished just 3 points off 2nd. This team are more than capable of surpassing expectations, with plenty of experience in their ranks, a top half finish could be very possible. Although they gave some strong competition, which is why we predict a solid mid table place.


 7th – ObstruXion

Another strong team that mark their return are ObstruXion. They will be one of four French teams competing in S22. When ObX have competed in this competition they have always been one of the top teams, with their highest finish being 3rd in S19. Another team that brings a lot of experience to table having previously competed in Proleague’s SPL and iFVPA’s CL and EL. However experience is not everything and in this year’s competitive league, I predict them to finish just outside the top 6.


 8th – OrKs Grand Poitiers

Formerly under the banner of Black Wyrm, OrKs are another French team that enter the Int 1 league. OrKs won last season's iFVPA Europa League, which gives them a good amount of forward momentum into S22. This team has had previous appearances in the league, however their most successful seasons date back to previous iterations. Whether they perform at those same levels as they did in FIFA 20 remains to be seen. We predict an 8th place finish, but believe they can prove us wrong, if they do continue to play they way they did in their EL run. 


 9th – Solarize FC

A team founded in FIFA 20 marked their debut season finishing 2nd in S20. However, since then their team has been under constant reconstruction. Most of the players that made that S20 team have since gone on to other clubs. That’s not to say the new players that have been added are not good enough, far from it. This team still has a lot of talent, mixed in with some less experienced players. However, I find it hard to place them in the top half, with so many strong teams coming back. How this new mix will perform is a bit of an enigma, that is why I have them finishing 9th.


 10th – Magic Storm E-Sports

Magic Storm return to the Int 1 league after taking a break in S21. The Polish outfit will unfortunately be in for a very hard campaign. I see them as one of the poorer sides, and don’t see them taking many points. I would love to be proven wrong, however, I predict them to be relegated.


 11th – Promising

This team had a very “promising” debut last season. They took advantage of some poor performers, and made their name finishing in 4th. However, with the strength of the league increasing this season, it will be a very tough task to challenge in the top half once again. For S22, the French team have reshuffled their team, with EIGHT players leaving, and currently only TWO new additions. Making such drastic changes to what was a successful team last season, could be either a masterstroke or a disaster. We sadly believe it to be the latter, and predict them to go down.


 12th – Fake Shot

Fake Shot have come off a very good Int 2 campaign in which they achieved promotion to the top division. However, as we all know, Int 1 is a completely different beast. The mainly Irish backbone of the team stays. On the recruitment front it has been very quiet, with more outgoings than incomings. If you want to succeed at this level, strong additions must be made. Therefore, I predict Fake Shot to go straight back down.



Community's prediction for League INT 1!

We've asked the community for their predictions on what the INT 1 table will look like in the end.


PL. Team
2 Juventus Bucuresti
3 Las Estrellas
4 orKs Grand Poitiers
5 Ragnarök FC
6 ObstruXion
7 Solarize FC
8 Venga Venga FC
9 Venom FC
10 Promising
11 Magic Storm E-Sports
12 Fake Shot



TOTS Predictions


REV-Lani will be the favourite to secure the goalkeeper position. Su1ek (Las Estrellas) and Haitch (Venom FC) also have a chance at taking this spot, depending on how well the backline in front of them perform. 




Defence will most likely be dominated by the champions. In this case it’s hard to look past REV-Yuri and REV-Piggy who’s partnership will be integral to REVIVAL’s title defence. However the likes of Pazamit (Las Estrellas) and Niki96 (Las Estrellas) would also be great shouts. In terms of fullbacks there is perhaps a bigger chance for surprise. RAG-Ronan will be hoping he can get in consecutive TOTS’, while HOSX (Las Estrellas) and RAG-NathanOxley could find themselves in there aswell.




In the CDM role, REV-PietHeyn will be set for another TOTS appearance. Another candidate for that position could be Moyal (Las Estrellas), who’s team will want to challenge for the title. In the offensive role it becomes more interesting. Keukenrolle will be the favourite in this role, having contributed a lot of goals across the International and Geman scene. Other players I could see getting in are JUV-Philholt, Xonyo (Venom FC), JK4YN (Las Estrellas) and Leguinia (Las Estrellas).




Thijmo will certainly secure his spot on the left side. His contributions will be very important for REVIVALRAG-Dex84 and Trempale will most likely fight it out for the right side. If xLewy9x continues his great form with his new team, he could also be in the mix. As ever, potential for a new name to make it here would be nice to see.




On the attacking side, you cannot argue with last season’s top scorer JUV-Cristiano, who’s 24 goal contributions helped his team to a 2nd place finish. REVIVAL duo PandaDahley and REV-Stefan will most certainly grab a lot of goals between them. I cannot see much wiggle room here for a newcomer to take this spot, however if it were to happen, DaniiNL, Franjo (Las Estrellas), Harel (Las Estrellas) or Jintae (Venga Venga) would be my picks.



We are excited as ever to see what this season has in store for us. Will REVIVAL continue their domination? Or will we have a new champion to crown? There will be ups and downs, twists and turns, and you will read all about right here on Proleague News. We will check back in midway through the season to see how everyone is getting on. Thank you for reading, and good luck! 


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