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Hello and welcome to the pre-season check-in for the third installment of the Super ProLeague. As a result of recent expansions of several new national leagues, the SPL is bigger and more competitive than ever before. I do not doubt that the new playstyles and perspectives will contribute to a fresh and enjoyable experience for the players and spectators alike. In this article, I will cover the groups and try my best to determine the outcome for the respective teams. Let’s get started.




Predicted Standing

Pos. Team
2. orKs Grand Poitiers
3. Las Estrellas
5. Cerebrum FC
6. Offside Crew



The first group consists of some well-known faces, as well as some newcomers. Containing five different nationalities from four different leagues, this might just be the most diverse group of them all. A clash in playstyles seems very likely to occur, so keep an eye out for some exciting games. For my prediction, I expect REVIVAL to come out on top. After a very successful season in the international league, the Dutch side has only improved their squad with the likes of REV-xLewy9x, REV-Rey, and REV-AzZsX. Being quite familiar with knock-out competitions will also benefit REVIVAL, as they look to expand their trophy cabinet.

For their fellow international league contestants orKs Grand Poitiers, I expect a solid second-place finish. The french team formerly known as Black Wyrm, are no strangers to the FIFA pro clubs scene. Two of their key players, orKs_GP-Ipswich, and orKs_GP-Roskad will be crucial for the French side this season. Their experience will be in their favor this season, as they meet some fairly new sides.

Following orKs Grand Poitiers, I expect a third-place finish for the comeback team Las Estrellas. Despite coming back from a nine-seasons break, they have amassed a considerable amount of experience since their last active stint. Some crucial players for Las Estrellas this SPL season are H2-Niki96, eSt-Leg1uniV, eSt-Harel-_-xo, and eSt-Franjo0. As a result of outstanding individual skill, but perhaps lack of collective synergy, I find a third-place finish to be a fair prediction for Las Estrellas.

The last team in group A most likely to progress to the knock-out stages is QUICKPLAY-GAMING e.V, formerly known as ‘Play4Pleasure’. The German side had a decent run in the German first division last season, ending ninth and securing a spot in the Europa League. Some of the players to look out for in their SPL campaign will be striker 7-Raul-S04, and midfielders qp-zer0 and qp-nrgze. And finally, the two teams who I think will unfortunately fall short of a spot in the knock-out stage are newcomers Cerebrum FC and Offside Crew. Despite doing well in their respective leagues, I predict their lack of experience against international sides will be to a disadvantage, and ultimately what sees them exit the competition. However, I’d love for them to prove me wrong.



Predicted Standing

Pos. Team
1. Equality 05
2. 187 Rasenbande
3. Unleashed United
4. Khalkedon BS
5. ObstruXion



For you neutrals who just enjoy watching the games, I feel like this might be the group for you. Beautiful attacking football is nothing but guaranteed, as we see some of the best teams in the ProLeague match up against each other. And with four teams representing the german first division, no other group has an equal number of contestants from the same league. And for the predictions, It shouldn’t be a surprise for most that I have chosen Equality 05 to come out as winners of the group. The German team has been one of the most successful teams in the history of the ProLeague. The Germans will hope to finally lift the SPL trophy after two consecutive final losses. Some stand-out players to look out for are EQ-Hayvan, EQ-PatoJr, and EQ-Domstie.

Following Equality 05 we have another attacking german team, 187 Rasenbande. The Germans climbed the ranks immensely fast as they reached division one from division four in less than a year. Being a well-rounded team, it’s hard to pick out players who I think will be extra worthwhile to follow. But I have no doubt the attacking force of 187-J7, 187-Tom4lh4wK, and newly recruited 187-Mitch, will cause opponents a lot of damage.

A third-place finish will go to yet another team from the German first division, Unleashed United. A well-known team with years of experience and two league titles, one from last season when they won the German second division. Club veterans UU-Wernaldo, UU-Jorghurtinho, and UU-Minke91 will be vital for Unleashed United’s success in our new installment of SPL.

And to the international league representative, and perhaps the final team to progress to the knock-out stages is Khalkedon BS. The Turkish side may be new to the ProLeague, but certainly has players with many years of experience. Might be a controversial pick over the already settled co-contestants' Obstruxion, but I’m sure Khalkedon BS will be the ones who prevail. And like usual, some names to pay extra attention to are raxy1337-KHA and Red_Saman-KHA. Unfortunately, it looks like Obstruxion and BLACKLISTED might be the two teams to exit the competition. Then again, this prediction is just my speculation and is as good as anybody else's.



Predicted Standing

Pos. Team
1. Knallgas
2. Back 2 Roots
3. Juventus Bucuresti
4. Fluidity
5. ThunderAuk
6. Rainbow Unicorns



Introducing group C, or the “group of death” if you may. All in all a very difficult group and consequently very hard to predict the outcome of. We have teams from all backgrounds and ages who compete for four spots. My pick for the winners of the group wasn’t argued against when I presented my prediction to the team. Knallgas will most likely come out on top of their group. Having won German first division and the champions league the previous season, they are inarguably the favorites to win the third official SPL season. Now the Germans hope to continue their success. Since managing to hold on to some of their key players such as H2-Wirbel, H2-SteveDavis, H2-Lukas, and H2-L3G3nD84, they are set to continue their winning run.

Following Knallgas, I predict fellow german side Back2Roots to place second. A team with a significant chunk of experience and a roster full of talent. So far, Back2Roots haven’t had a chance to prove themselves in the SPL, but manager B2R-Lasnik will be looking to change that with help from his squad. B2R will count on new recruit B2R_Fichteee alongside club veteran B2R_Hulk_Hodn to lead the defense. Some other noteworthy names are strikers B2R_DonCheddo and B2R_Knarfii.

In third place in group C, I have put Juventus Bucuresti. The Romanian side absolutely crushed expectations last season in the international first division. Despite losing a few key players after last season, Juve doesn’t look any less dangerous going into this competition. The Romanians will hope for key players JUV-Cristiano and JUV-George292 to replicate their excellent form from last season.

The last team to progress to the knock-out stage according to my prediction are the UK based team Fluidity. Picking them fourth and over an already established team like Rainbow Unicorns might seem implausible, however, Fluidity roster is full of experience and many years in the top leagues. In their first-ever SPL season, manager -Skadooku- managed to sign some top players such as EQ-KingLillsey, hQo31, and Niiroohh. And at last the two teams I think will, unfortunately, fall short of progressing are international team ThunderAuk and the German side Rainbow Unicorns. The former being registered as a brand new team and the latter can’t seem to field a full eleven. Those are the reasons why I think they will be the teams from group C to exit the competition.



Predicted Standing

Pos. Team
1. DeathRowArmy
2. Ragnarök FC
5. Arancia Meccanica



And finally, we have group D, the last group to cover before I finally let you get on with your day. This group contains both some well- and lesser-known teams, as well as representatives from four different leagues. For the first time in the competition, we have a team representing Italy, who will hope to shine some light on their league. Let’s get into the prediction. A first-place finish goes to the German team DeathRowArmy. A well-established side who are yet to earn some silverware will do their best to change that in the upcoming SPL championship. Some names to keep an eye out for are striker Makaveli-DRA, playmaker ALL4TheG4inZ-DRA, and defender CaptainChica-DRA

After DeathRowArmy, I’m predicting the international team Ragnarök FC to come second. For their third straight SPL campaign, Ragnarök FC will be looking to beat their previous best record of playing the SPL quarter-final. And while their results in the international league just have improved over time, their squad certainly has too. Key players like RAG-Dex84, Doelpunten, and RAG-btrain, will be crucial for Ragnarök FC in the upcoming season.

Next up we have VOLT, or formerly known as Voltarized. Established in 2019, the German side is fairly new to the pro clubs scene. But just like their co-contestants 187 Rasenbande, they have climbed the ranks immensely fast and were promoted from division four to division one since their founding. Some crucial names for VOLT this season will be defender VOLT-Glorious,  midfielder VOLT-Leurzi, and finally striker VOLT-Luca.

Representing the German second division, and the last team to progress from group D is Division. The German team will try to make the most out of their SPL buy-in slot, and win their first-ever PL-certified silverware. Manager 49V_Gattuso will have to count on some of his key players, IVI_KingSezenist, and 49V_Bama, to make that happen. And last but not least, the two teams who I think will, unfortunately, have to exit the competition are Arancia Meccanica and ANATOMY FC. As much as I want an Italian team in the knock-out stage, I see it unlikely to happen. Despite both teams being well-established, I don’t see their competition in respective leagues being a level high enough to prepare them for an international competition.



That’s it for my pre-season check-in! I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you took offense to my predictions, please see this as a motivation to prove me wrong. I will update you in the coming months about how the SPL has gone so far, and what direction it is heading. But until then, have fun and good luck!


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