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Welcome everyone to the ProLeague INT. 2 Check-In Mid-Season. In this article, we will have a look at how the teams are doing so far now that the league is having a Christmas break. In the pre-season article, we welcomed many new and old teams, and players. Let’s have a look at how they’re doing halfway through the season!




Predicted final standings: 1st 

Current standings: 1st (13 games played)


So far so good for Fluidity, the English team started off slow with 2 losses in their first 3 games. But after signing some much-needed players and squad depth. Especially with signings like Christophoulus and the return of ZnT-Mamba (better known as No1Baker and Mooncake) they’ve shown they belong where they stand. After their shaky start, only Khalkedon BS managed to snatch 3 points from the winter break champion, all other games were won by Fluidity. Not just in INT. 2, the team is doing good. With a spectacular first-placed finish in their SPL group, the new team shows they have no problem in keeping up with the best teams around.

Because of the many changes in the team, it’s difficult to pick out individuals. But -Skadoosh- has done well for himself with 5 goals and 3 assists in 9 games.



Predicted final standings: 7th (oops)

Current standings: 2nd (11 games played)


The Romanians did far better than I predicted them to in the last article, with 2 games in hand and only 3 points behind Fluidity, Queen could’ve ended as the winter break champions if they had won at least 1 of their games considering goal difference. The new team had no problems adapting to the new FIFA as with their narrow counter formation they managed to score 22 goals and only concede 3, leaving them with an impressive unbeaten run so far in the competition. 

Individually: Q19-Jalal, Q10-Killasao and Q23-Fraaa have managed 5 clean sheets in 6 games. Great stats for the central core at the back.



Predicted final standings: 3rd

Current standings: 3rd (13 games played)


Despite a decent start to the season with 3 draws and 2 wins in their first 5 games, expectations were not met in terms of play. Leading to a big change in the roster acquiring KingLillsey, Niirooh and AUK-Madoorah from direct rivals Fluidity and ETHEREAL. ThunderAuk went on to win 4 games and lose 2. Unfortunately for them, this has led to many players leaving, combined with early season signings right after the transfer window closed. This means ThunderAuk has used up all their transfers for the remainder of the season. Let’s see if they can keep it together in the 2nd half and stay in the promotion zone.

Individually the defensive side of things has looked solid, having AUK-Alex, AUK-Kamii, AUK-Akamo and their goalkeeper Nikopolidis71x leading the clean sheets’ charts. Aswell as RedhaDelRey scoring 6 and preparing 3 goals in 9 games.


 Khalkedon BS

Predicted final standings: 6th

Current standings: 4th (13 games played)


Despite my prediction, the Turkish guys over at Khalkedon BS are doing a great job at keeping up in the promotion race to INT. 1. The Turkish league runner ups are mostly thankful for raxy1337-KHA scoring 14 goals and assisting 3 in 10 games. The prolific striker has double the goals of the #2 scorer in the league. Perhaps Khalkedon BS can be the big surprise of the season with their narrow counter-attacking style. This has led the team having the 2nd best goal difference in the league as well.


 Ninja Turtles

Predicted final standings: 4th

Current standings: 5th (12 games played)


Interesting season so far for our beloved turtles, the team has won an impressive 8 games but also lost 4. They are the only team in the league that hasn’t shared points with their opponents. All or nothing for McLolski’s team. Just like most teams, Ninja Turtles are also out of their transfers for this season. Many changes in the team with an already big squad has seemed to lead to some inconsistent results. The recent acquisition of Ninja-Novatello and R_Dubouil has seemed to turn things around for the diverse international team as they participated in 3 goals in 2 games and 4 goals in 4 games respectively.

Let’s see if the Ninja Turtles can keep that up in the 2nd half of the season and sneak into a promotion spot.



Predicted final standings: 2nd

Current standings: 6th (12 games played)


Raw quality didn’t seem like much of an issue going into the season, but forming into a team has proven much more difficult. Inconsistency, or perhaps missing something? The recent additions in defence will definitely be helpful to the former mostly Dutch side, having signed Burdi223 from rivals ThunderAuk and eT-Hamid from Las Estrellas. This may help to offload some pressure at the back and help the team clinch more points, which they will need since ETHEREAL have only managed to beat Ninja Turtles out of the entire top half of the table. Despite this, the team is only 3 points away from a promotion spot meaning anything is still possible. On an individual level, only eT-BeunHaas is carrying his weight. With 5 goals and 4 assists in 10 games from the right flank, he has done well for himself in the league. The recent departure of OwnBazz will be received as a big blow to the team.


 Allianz EA Sport

Predicted final standings: 8th

Current standings: 7th (12 games played)


Tough season so far for Allianz, being 7th in the league, but just like most other teams. There is still hope as they are only 4 points removed from a promotion spot. The Frenchies do seem to have a small squad with just 13 players. Perhaps some more depth in terms of defence can help the side climb the league. They only managed 2 clean sheets in their non-defaulted games. A little diamond in the rough in terms of stats is definitely Az-Kaizer_Sw being responsible for having the shared highest assists in the league from a CM position, impressive stats for the Swiss player.


Predicted final standings: 9th

Current standings: 8th (13 games played)


The former ProLeague giant ONE DAY hasn’t performed up to their old standards yet. Some small glimpses of their former glory showed when they took a point off #1 Queen (1-1) and beat the #3 ThunderAuk (2-0) but that’s as far as their winnings go. 4 losses and 4 draws in their other games means the Turkish guys sit at the bottom half of the table. Only their striker Claimant10 has seen some individual success in the league with 5 goals and 2 assists in 10 games.


 Tsunami Poland

Predicted final standings: 10th

Current standings: 9th (12 games played)


The longstanding Polish team Tsunami Poland find themselves just out of the relegation zone halfway into the season. After seasons of struggling in INT. 1, they seem to have similar issues in a lower division. Not even the manager Zielu87_PL has managed to carry his side to multiple victories this time. The usually prolific striker has always done the job for his team but this season, not even he can drag his team to good results. They only managed to beat Paramount (1-0) and their Polish colleague's Offside Crew (0-3). Their other games did not end so well. Being 7 points removed from ONE DAY and only being above Offside Crew based on goal difference.

It’ll be a tough 2nd half of the season for our Polish friends as they are currently just out of a relegation spot.


 Offside Crew

Predicted final standings: 11th 

Current standings: 10th (13 games played)


Despite some small help from the 2 folded teams below, Offside Crew is still afraid of being relegated this season. The Polish side hasn’t managed to win a single game and has only taken a point off ONE DAY (0-0). Outside of the league, the performances in the SPL and the CL are also not to write home about. The manager djcraig95 has done his best in signing as many players as he could. But most seem not good enough to drag their team to a win. Despite all the bad news, they are on a level in points with Tsunami Poland only losing out on goal difference.

If they managed to steal some points in the 2nd half of the season, they could very well still be playing in INT. 2 the next season.


 Lazarski Rejon

As foretold in the Pre-Season article, the turbulent Polish club Lazarski Rejon disbanded once again.


 Paramount FC

Despite showing longevity and progress in the seasons prior, Paramount decided to pull the plug as well.

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