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Welcome everyone to the ProLeague INT. 3 Check-In Mid-Season. In this article, it is mentioned how the teams played at the end of the first half of the season and where they can be at the end of the season.




Current standings: 1st (14 games played)


The Spanish team who currently leads the first half of the season could be on its way to be crowned champions, with a 1 point lead ahead of ICONS. Striker and team captain, V3NOM, currently leads his team with a contribution of 13 goals. LIONS UNITED has kept a strong squad from the beginning with no transfers out since the start of the season. They are one of the strongest candidates for the championship battle against ICONS. Lions leading by a measly 1 point would mean they would have to avoid losing any more points throughout the rest of the season, especially against the rivals ICONS and Hyve Central FC.



Current standings: 2nd (14 games played)


Having the most experienced squad in the league, ICONS appears to be one of the biggest championship candidates. They currently stand as the only undefeated team in the league with two of their players fighting in the top scorer leaderboard and three defenders appearing with three clean sheets. ICONS only increases in strength and size with two transfers from the recently folded INT 2 team, Paramount FC. If ICONS continue to stay undefeated throughout the season, it is only inevitable that they will become the champions of INT 3.


 Hyve Central FC

Current standings: 3rd (14 games played)


The team with the least conceded goals in the league, Hyve Central FC is ahead of their rivals with their defence only conceding 5 goals in 14 games. It is unsure whether Hyve will be able to keep this up after the departure of two defensive players. Also, it would be a great surprise for everyone if Hyve Central ends up becoming the champions, who are behind on goal difference compared to their rivals ICONS and LIONS UNITED. However, as long as they continue to defend this way, they will most likely qualify for the promotion.


 fastPay Wildcats 

Current standings: 4th (15 games played)


FastPay Wildcats appeared as one of the championship favourites at the beginning of the season, finishing the first half in 4th place. Very difficult matches await the Turkish team, which could only get 2 points from the important matches they played on their way to promotion. At the beginning of the 2nd half, the team which wants to keep their spot in 4th place with the match they will play against C.F. KINGSIZE, must not lose points to qualify for the promotion. FastPay Wildcats, which can drop to 6th in the event of a possible loss of points, would make it seem very difficult to promote.



Current standings: 5th (13 games played)


C.F. KINGSIZE, another Turkish team in the league, finished the first half in 5th place but has 2 matches missing from fastPay Wildcats. If they get 3 points from these matches, they will climb to 4th place and they will have taken a big step to gain the right to promotion. The team, which will start the second half off with the Hyve Central FC and fastPay Wildcats games, will be largely determined by the end of this week.


 Renegades eSports

Current standings: 6th (13 games played)


Sixth-ranked Renegades eSports has tried to make up for the shortcomings of their roster with a few recent transfers, but they have been in a very difficult position because they have hardly got any points from their top rivals. Therefore, they are not given a chance to promote, but surprisingly, they still have the possibility to beat their rivals and promote to INT 2.


 Dracarys FC

Current standings: 7th (15 games played)


Dracarys FC, which finished the first half in 7th place, left the impression of a dangerous team due to causing their top rivals to lose points. Nobody can predict what the team, which has made great changes in its staff in the mid-season, will do in the second half. Although it seems unlikely that the team aiming to finish the league at the top will gain the right to promote, they stand out as the only INT 3 team that continues on their way in the cup. Dracarys FC, who will play against the DeathRowArmy 2 from the German 2nd League, will have a very tough test in the cup.

 Kings of Nothing 

Current standings: 8th (16 games played)


The Kings of Nothing, suffering from a squad shortage, has yet to play any of its matches with 11 players. However, this did not prevent them from achieving 2 victories over their rivals CoCo BayLando. The team, which did not make any transfers in the middle of the season, seems to insist on not giving easy points to its opponents despite its small squad. Kings of Nothing, a team that needs to be watched by teams struggling for promotion, seems to cause point losses in unexpected moments.


 Coco BayLando 

Current standings: 9th (16 games played)


CoCo BayLando is competing in the INT 3 and Polish league at the same time and they could not manage to get many victories in either league. The team, which won only 1 time in 15 ProLeague games they played, took their only victory against their rivals in the INT 3 league, Renegades eSports. Perhaps with this win, they can find the motivation they need and start rising in the league. CoCo BayLando, who has kept their main squad by barely making any transfers since the beginning of the season, is starting to play better with the players getting used to each other. They will inevitably win more games in 2021.


 Jack Boyz

The Romanian team just disbanded at the beginning of the season.


 FC Animosity

Like last season, FC Animosity decided to pull the plug again.


 Okami FC

The new team Okami FC dissolved too.

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