TOTW: S22 | League INT 3 | Matchdays 1-10
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To honor special performances in the International League we will post regularly a Team of The Week. The players chosen will be based on the match days of that week.


How is the TOTW determined 




Goalkeeper: RondEnGezond 


For his first ProLeague season, the Netherlands goalkeeper rocks an amazing start to the league. 7 games with 4 clean sheets and 2 MVPs is a solid performance. RondEnGezond may have serious potential if he continues to keep it up!


Defender: Fibobo_SK, Shaun4 & 11DrogbaGS


The young international player has secured a total of 3 clean sheets in 8 games against league contenders such as Hyve Central FC. 3 clean sheets which currently puts him in the top 5 defenders in the league. With their ambition to join INT 2, Icons will need Fibobo to stay in form and carry on stacking clean sheets.


The recent newcomer in INT from the United Kingdom has made a very good start to the league, playing 7 games and boasting 3 clean sheets. Maybe Shaun4 is the next Harry Maguire of FIFA which could result in a top INT team noticing his performance and recruiting him? A start like this is never due to luck and we may be seeing the start of a future top centre back of international league.


Another United Kingdom CB is not afraid by BREXIT, currently playing for the Turkish team C.F. Kingsize. Ariru brings experience and stability playing with the team since March.Currently holding 2 clean sheets, 2 goals and 1 MVP. Maybe 11DrogbaGS could end up being one of the best goal scoring centre backs for his team like Sergio Ramos? An eye should be kept on him throughout the league.


Midfielder: Omarbory, Tsubasa1907, Rollando31 & Hilaro


Egyptian CDM Omarbory, currently playing for Icons has made a big impact for them. With 3 games without conceding, his solid performance will definitely help ICONS to reach promotion to INT 2.


Tsubasa from C.F. Kingsize is a very important player for his team, leading the attack with 3 goals and 2 assists in 7 games. There are no doubts that even Yoichi Takahashi knew that Tsubasa would be performing this well. He may not be able to bring the world cup to Japan while playing in INT 3, however he may be able to lead his team to victory being one of the league contenders.


Returning after the Schiltron disband, Rollando has created a new project with some of the previous experienced Schiltron players. The experienced player has scored 1 goal and assisted 4 times for his teammates. As a captain, he will hopefully lead them to victory currently sitting in 1st place. If ICONs carry on their undefeated streak, they will eventually end up as the league winners if nobody can stop them! Let's see if anyone can get in the way of ICONs?


Romanian player Hilaro may possibly be the most clinical CM in the league currently. Boasting 4 goals and 2 assists in 7 games, along with 2 MVPs make him a deadly player in the midfield. With only a gap of 6 points from the top 3 spots, Hilaro and his team will be fighting in the upcoming games in order to reach promotion to INT 2.



Attacker: DominikCZZ, Ayman.Elshenawy & Beaniho 


ICONs Captain DominikCZZ, currently leads the league and top scorer with 10 goals and 3 assists in 10 games, along with 4 MVPs. This results in him being the most clinical striker in the league at current standings. If the captain continues to slot in goals each game, he will only lead his team to victory and will end up being awarded top scorer for INT 3.


Ayman El Shenanique, the ICONs partner to Dominik success, scoring 7 goals and assisting 6 times in only 8 games makes the deadly duo the most clinical in the league.


Striker Beaniho, from the United Kingdom has already experimented in the international area with 50 games played. Sitting in the top 3 scorer statistics, he will continue to lead Hyve to victory and promotion, scoring 10 goals in 7 games. If he continues to keep up the effort, there may still be a chance to snatch the league title from currently leading team ICONs.



Honorable mentions: The Bench.



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