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It's the end of a great season. We witnessed a very exciting competition in the first INT 3 league and congratulate LIONS UNITED, who became the champion as a result of this competition. In this article, the situations of the teams competing throughout the season at the end of the league were examined and predictions were made for the next season.




What a great season and a champion worthy of this season. The Spaniards, who took the lead in the first half of the season, were comfortably ahead of their competitors with the difference in points they opened, even though they lost points in important matches in the second half. Thus, they managed to become the first champion of the Int 3 league. On their way to the championship, they became the league's top scorer team with the help of 17 goals scored by team captain and top scorer V3nom. The team that will compete in Int 2 next season will certainly compete for the promotion line even if it is not the championship.



When we wrote the mid-season article, CF KINGSIZE, who was in 5th place, was missing a match, but lost only 1 game in the second half and made a great rise and qualified for second place. The team, which lost only 1 person from its squad after the end of the league, seems to fill that gap and continue to the new season without disrupting its squad with 1 transfer. Although they improve themselves, will this squad be enough to promote them to the 1st league?


 fastPay Wildcats

What an amazing comeback! At the end of the first half, the Turkish team, who were 6 points behind their closest opponent despite a match more in hand, completed the second half without losing a match and showed a great rise. The team, who were in 4th place in the last matches, became the last team to get the promotion ticket by winning the very exciting match against Lions United. During this fight, they managed to be the team with the least conceded goals in the league. Woken21, the league's top goalkeeper, and the league's defenders KingNothing and Havanao, have a huge contribution to this success. From the Wildcats team, who couldn't get enough of the awards, he brought another award to his team as the king of assists in SFM. Will the team, which continues to keep these players in its squad, continue this undefeated streak next season?



Everyone thought that the team, which had a great fight especially in the first half of the league, would be the champion. However, they had a lot of trouble in recovery after the player loses that took place in the 2nd half. Towards the end of the league, they started solving these troubles and managed to beat the leader LIONS UNITED. However, when there was no news of defeat from fastPay Wildcats, which they were fighting for 3rd place, their hopes of promotion were doomed. Although they have not started to make transfers yet, ICONS is shown as the biggest championship candidate of the next season.


 Hyve Central FC

Hyve Central FC, who finished the first half in the 3rd place, unfortunately, did not manage to maintain this position until the end of the season. In the mid-season article, we talked about how good their defenders were, but they had trouble in the attack, and they could even become champions if they solved this problem. However, it seems that the team, which started to have difficulties in the defense line while trying to improve the attack, could not resist, especially against LIONS UNITED and fastPay Wildcats. Although the players Beniho received the MVP award, the team that could not reach their desired goal as a result of these defeats will play in INT 3 for another season. Hyve Central FC, who lost many of its players after the end of the season, must make transfers if they want to have a chance at promoting next season.


 Orcastrated (Dracarys FC)

Dracarys FC was shown as one of the favourites of the league at the beginning of the season, unfortunately, they remained below expectations and finished the league in 6th place. Although they were one of the teams which conceded the least, they could not rise to the top due to their offensive shortcomings. Dracarys FC, whose 8 players left the team after the end of the league, is trying to complete its deficiencies by making new transfers. With these transfers, we will wait and see if they will be able to rise next season.


 Renegades eSports

Renegades eSports, who finished the first half in 6th place, had a small chance to enter the top 3. However, they could not take this chance and finished the league in 7th place under their rivals Dracarys FC. Although 6 people left the team at the end of the season, they seem to have managed to keep their main roster. In this way, they may be one of the teams that will gain the right to promotion next season.


 Kings of Nothing

Although they have not lost almost any players since their establishment, they have not managed to rise to the top due to a lack of experience. Perhaps they took away their chance to rise, beating ICONS, which played in the top positions of the league in recent weeks. With this win, they showed that they have higher goals for the upcoming season.


 CoCo BayLando

Although CoCo BayLando could not see a victory in the second half after 1 victory in the first half, they seem to have completed their deficiencies with one or two transfers they made by protecting their squad. It is estimated that the team, which is used to playing together and gained experience after their first season, will finish the next season in higher ranks.



Final League Table


PL. Team
3. fastPay Wildcats
5. Hyve Central FC
6. Orcastrated (Dracarys FC)
7. Renegades eSports
8. Kings of Nothing
9. CoCo BayLando
10. FC Animosity
11. Jack Boyz
12. Okami FC


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