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Welcome everyone to the ProLeague INT. 1 pre-season check-in. In this article, we will look at the new season! Which team will be predicted to win the league and who can get a spot for the Champions League and Europa League? 




Predicted final standings: 1st


I don't think we need to talk too much about REVIVAL. Everyone already knows them. In 5 of the 7 seasons they participated, they dominated the league and became champions. The team, which became the champion comfortably last season, scored 52 goals and scored 21 more goals than their closest rivals. In this way, they were able to easily receive the top scorer and top assists awards. The Dutches, who made only 1 transfer in preparation for the next season, seem very confident. Although they are the biggest championship candidates of the next season, a very difficult season awaits them. We wonder if there will be a team that can rival them in the end, or will they continue their provisions in INT.1 comfortably, we will watch and see.



Predicted final standings: 2nd


Reckless, formerly known as ThunderAUK, went restructuring after a disintegration process and they started to show great hopes with the new players they added to their squad. The French, who exhibited great success by reaching the semi-finals at HOF, the first tournament they participated in, immediately attracted attention by winning the Carbon14 cup and the ProLeague INT qualifiers. After these victories, they successfully passed the SPL pre-qualifiers and achieved success in the pre-season period. These successes should have attracted the attention of other teams, as a result of the predictions we received from the captains, most teams think that they will complete the league in the second place. Reckless, who got stronger with their recent transfers, has attracted the attention of most teams in the league, but there are also those who think they will not be able to continue this rise for a long time. Will they be able to counter these rumors and become a rival to Revival?


 Juventus Bucuresti

Predicted final standings: 3rd


The Romanian team, one of the strongest teams in the league, has never been out of the top 3 yet. During the pre-season period, they formed a dream team and won the HOF by defeating one of their greatest enemies, Revival. However, they could not manage to perform the same in the SPL qualifying tournament and unfortunately, they were eliminated from SPL. After this bad result, the dream team disbanded and many good players left the team on the last day of the transfer period. As a result of this, the team, trying to make up for its deficiencies by merging with Queen, prepared its squad to play in the upper ranks with 2 transfers made in the last hour of the transfer period alongside these players. During our meeting with their captain Cristiano, he was asked which players in the team should be watched. As a result, he has shown how much he trusts his team and holds great hopes by giving the names of 6 players. Let's see what next season will bring for them.


 Ragnarök FC

Predicted final standings: 4th


Ragnarök FC, one of the most experienced teams in the league, stands out with its defensive game. Although they ended the league with conceding only 9 goals last season, their deficiencies in the offensive could not get them up from the 4th place. They will also have noticed these shortcomings that they expanded their squad by making 8 transfers before the new season. The team, which added many players from ETHEREAL and Reckless (ThunderAUK), who played in INT2 last season, and also from their rivals in the league, Juventus Bucuresti. With these transfers, they built a strong team, especially in the midfield area. In this way, it does not seem difficult for them to surprise their opponents and rise to the top by playing with variable game plans. However, it should not be forgotten that trying to keep so many quality players in their squad can backfire and lead to bad results. Still Ragnarök FC, might be seen as one of the biggest favorites of this season.



Predicted final standings: 5th


The team, competing under the name of Las Estrellas last season, showed an unexpected performance and finished the league in 2nd place. Combining with Cerebrum FC for the upcoming season, they add strength and stand out as one of Revival's biggest rivals. Although the team that made it to the quarter-finals at HOF, the first official tournament they attended, was eliminated and left the tournament, they attracted attention by showing everyone their potential. Especially with the players leaving Juventus Bucuresti in the last moments of the transfer period, it seems inevitable that they will play to the top of the league with their strengthened squad.


 Magic Strom E-Sports

Predicted final standings: 6th


Magic Storm E-Sports, which completed the last season in 5th place, also played in the SPL qualifiers after finishing the Polish league in 2nd place and qualified to go to SPL. They competed at HOF during the pre-season period, finishing their group as second behind Singularity, but in the last 16 rounds, they were eliminated by Khalkedon BS in a very competitive match and said goodbye to the tournament. After these tournaments, they managed to add 4 new players to their squad by not spending the transfer period. After the interviews with their captain "mcn", we learned that the captain has high expectations from his team and that they aim to enter the top 5. Especially with the addition of the British player "Jurdss" to their roster, their chances increase, but a very difficult season awaits them.


 Khalkedon BS

Predicted final standings: 7th


Khalkedon BS, the surprise team of INT.2, made a spectacular rise by defeating Reckless (ThunderAUK) in their last game and qualified to the INT.1. They demonstrated their potential by defeating Revival in the group stage at the HOF tournament. After this victory, they lost 3-0 to Reckless in the quarter-finals and showed that even if they left the tournament, they would not be an easy bite with their struggle. Although most people see the team as a middle-ranked team, with the experienced goalkeeper Su1ek, which they added to their squad during the inter-season period, it is very likely that they will play to the top by surprise as they did before.



Predicted final standings: 8th


ObstruXion, one of the most experienced teams of the league, starts well prepared for the next season. They strengthened their roster by adding experienced players Lillsey and Bau. Since the transfers were just taking place, we could not see these players in pre-season tournaments, but even in the absence of these transfers, they managed to make it to the final in the Carbon 14 cup. In the group stage, they beat Reckless 2-0, and even though they could not win the trophy by losing 1-0 in the final, they attracted everyone's attention with their performance. Although it is thought that they will complete the league in 8th place, according to the survey we conducted among the captains, ObstruXion, which gets stronger with the transfers they make, may exceed expectations and play to the top next season.



Predicted final standings: 9th


Symphony, which had competed in season 18 in INT.1, finally returned to ProLeague INT. Under the leadership of their captain Rev3, they managed to reach the finals by defeating their rivals Outlawz and FC National in the ProLeague INT qualifying tournament. Although they could not win against Reckless, another French team in the final, they managed to get their name written on INT.1 with these successes. Although we haven't seen them much in the past ProLeague tournaments, people think that this team can easily stay in the middle of the league. In addition, they made it to the quarter-finals of the champions league last season and showed that they are a team that should be watched. There is no doubt that they want to take revenge on Reckless and target the top of the league. But let's see if they can achieve these goals.


 Stade Poitevin by orKs GP

Predicted final standings: 10th


The champion of France will continue to fight in INT.1 once again. Last season, they performed very well in the Champions League and beat the finalist DeathRowArmy in the groups and finished the group as leader. Although they managed to make it to the quarter-finals by eliminating the previous champion Knallgas in the last 16 rounds, they lost to Equality after a 3-match fight and left the tournament. At the same time, they reached the quarter finals in SPL and showed their quality once again. However, despite their success in the tournaments, they could not achieve the performance they wanted in the INT.1. One of the favorite teams of France, Stade Poitevin FC by Orks GP, if they can show their performance in tournaments in the league, there is no doubt that they will play the top.Even though their performances in INT.1 should have impressed people that everyone think they are going to complete the league in 10th place.The team, which managed to keep their squad the same during the season, is expected to perform a much better game this season.


 Venga Venga FC

Predicted final standings: 11th


Completing the season in 8th place, Venga Venga FC performed below expectations. Although they became the champions by doing wonders in the Polish League, unfortunately in INT 1 they could not perform the same. They united with the Ninja Turtles that competed in INT 2 last season and they formed a large team of 24 people. Although it is thought that they will aim for higher positions after this merging, most people think they will finish in 11th place in the league.



Predicted final standings: 12th


Plact victims are back in the league. Outlawz, who fought in INT 1, 2 seasons ago and almost finished the league in 3rd place, behind Revival and Juventus Bucuresti, finished in 7th place due to their captain's Plact usage error and were disbanded in bitter pain. And it looks like they have returned to complete the job they left unfinished after a season break. Although they performed not badly in the ProLeague INT qualifying tournament, their defeat against Symphony did not bring them up from 5th place. Although they have a different roster than their old one, let's see if they can finish the job they left unfinished?


 Russo Turisto

Predicted final standings: 13th


Although it was their first season in ProLeague, Russo Turisto is a highly experienced team that has been competing in the champions league since 2015. It is very difficult to comment on this team, which is almost entirely made up of Russian players. Nevertheless, they will bring excitement to INT.1 with their different playing style and experienced squad. Although it is estimated that they will be 13th as a result of our survey among the captains, no one is sure what this team is capable of.


 F.C. National

Predicted final standings: 14th


Romanian champions finally made it to the INT 1. FC National, which won the Romanian League by beating known teams such as Juventus Bucuresti and Queen in the last season, will compete in INT 1 this season. They had a great season in the Romanian League, with 16 wins and only 1 loss in 18 matches. After that, they added "PrunuKing", who played in Juventus Bucuresti, to their teams in addition to "Cosminovidiu" and "Kaethgar", who played in INT 2 and showed very good performances. In the ProLeague INT 1 qualifying tournament, they finished the group in the first place, but lost to Symphony in the semi-finals and bid farewell to the tournament. Still, their success was enough to get them into INT 1. Let's see what kind of performance this new team will show us next season.


 Dying Breed

Predicted final standings: 15th


Players who left teams such as Orcastrated (Dracarys), Venom and Solarize formed a new team led by "Weejestic" and "Sly294". They finished second in the group stage after Outlawz in their first tournament, the ProLeague INT qualifying tournament. In the quarter-finals, they lost to Reckless and left the tournament, but it was enough to get them in INT 1. It is very difficult to predict where the British team will finish this season with experienced names such as "Lancer" and "SolBamba3". However, as a result of the polls, most players think they will not be able to get out of the league's lower ranks.


 CF Plomo

Predicted final standings: 16th


While the surprise team of INT 1, CF Plomo, no one expected them to be able to come here in their first season, they managed to make their way into INT 1 by performing well in the ProLeague INT qualifying tournament. The lack of players with international experience in their squad would have shown them weak against their rivals, and it was thought that they would be at the bottom of the league as a result of the survey. However, they can get unexpected victories under the leadership of their captain "aozolcum". Let's see if they can hold in the league by surprising everyone in their first season in the league?



Season Prediction S23: Instagram

On Instagram, you could vote for each team on which position you see them at the end of the season. Here are the results of the community prediction!


PL. Team
2 Juventus Bucuresti
3 Reckless
4 Singularity
5 Ragnarök FC
6 Magic Storm E-Sport
7 Stade Poitevin FC by orKs GP
8 Symphony
9 ObstruXion
10 Khalkedon BS
11 Outlawz
12 Venga Venga FC
13 Russo Turisto
14 F.C. National
15 Dying Breed
16 CF Plomo

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