TOTW: S23 | League INT 2 | Matchdays 10-13
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To honor special performances in the International League, a TOTW will be posted regularly. The players chosen will be based on the match days of that week.


How is the TOTW determined 




GK - Libanezul
In this week's TOTW we start off well to end matchdays 10 - 13, Libanezul picks up 2 clean sheets from 4 played games. Looking forward to seeing how they do in coming fixtures.


CB - brkztly & Chameleon101

For the first time in Season 23 in INT 2 we have put two players on the same spot. Both of these players showed how great their partnership is. Both achieved two games without conceding in four games for their team, Rebrand Project.


CB - Martinliot
Martinliot is really out here showing how to not only defend with a defensive clean sheet but also providing offensive benefits with a goal for this team!


RB - RdN
Joining at the back line is Mav3ricks eSports player RdN. Whereas this seemed to be a defensive line of clean sheets, he is defying the odds and is performing for his team at the offensive end of the field. In 3 games he scored one goal and also got one match MVP.

LB - Robocon9001
From Rebrand Project we have Robocon9001 for the second week in a row. Playing all 4 games and providing his team with 2 defensive clean sheets. Lets see if his form continues.




CDM - Ador
Joining the lineup from LIONS UNITED, Ador is another player defying the odds of his defensive position. Turning defense into offense in his 3 games played, he has offered his team another 2 assists this week and becomes the second player to also be in the TOTW two weeks in a row.

RM - Zam0ra
From 3 games played and offering 1 assist to his team, LIONS UNITED. They must be happy with how their player has played during these matchdays. Let's hope this form continues in the upcoming fixtures.

CAM - siloy23
From ICONS we have siloy23 bringing his vision and goal scoring ability into the TOTW. He showed up with his performances. In the 3 games that were played, he was able to assist twice and to score once. Exciting times ahead to see if his form continues.




LS - GoSan
Tornado should be smiling from ear to ear watching their player perform out of his skin. GoSan is out here showing he is at the party and playing with confidence. In 4 games he has picked up 3 goals and one assist. Alongside 2 match MVP’s, this is also GoSan’s second appearance in the TOTW.

LS - Marquez_
Another player from Rebrand Project! Marquez is also delivering some awe-inspiring performances for his team. He scored three times and assisted once in all four games. Also he picks up a Match MVP.


LS - Becksu
Finishing off the Top 11 of this TOTW with Becksu. He played  2 games where he scored three times and won one match MVP. VFC Dinamo can be proud of their player.



Honorable mentions: The Bench

GK - Telfer92 - ICONS


RB - rKellyOG - Orcastrated
CB - PiProd - Tornado


CDM - Spiersj - Rebrand Project

CM - Villa - oXmose

CM - Nickya - Rebrand Project

LM - jediaeris - Ukraine

CAM - maliJ22 - Majestic VFC


RS - Weisko - Tornado

ST - Pixixi80 - Mav3ricks eSports

RS - Maximo - ICONS



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