TOTW: S24 | League INT 1 | Matchdays 19-24
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To honor special performances in the International League, a TOTW will be posted regularly. The players chosen will be based on the match days of that week.


How is the TOTW determined







GK - shxot
The shot stopper from orKs GP has been performing well recently and this week he has done just the same, being instrumental in his team’s victories, picking up 2 clean sheets in 4 matches.


RB - SanGaa
A player who has been performing time and time again for Impulsion is SanGaa, who once again this week showed his worth. With an astonishing 1 goal, 2 assists, 2 defensive clean sheets and 1 MVP.

CB - Akamo
And at center back from 1iQ Gang is Akamo, being a strong force for his side. This week he really deserves his position in this TOTW with 2 goals and 2 defensive clean sheets from 4 matches.

CB - Gray
Another player from Impulsion is Gray, just like his team mate, SanGaa, he has been in some great form. He scored 2 goals and got 2 defensive clean sheets in 5 matches.

RB - Weisko
Joining shxot from orKs GP is Weisko, who has been just as instrumental for his side. Picking up 1 assist and 2 defensive clean sheets from 4 matches.



RM - AE-Beast
Another strong player from 1iQ Gang is AE-Beast otherwise known as Seko2Easy. He has played 4 matches on the right hand side of the pitch, picking up 1 goal, 2 assists and 1 defensive clean sheet.

LM - akin95
An entry from the French team ESC Fireball is akin95, picking up important statistics for his side. With 2 assists from 4 matches played. He’s truly showing his abilities.

CAM - Lillsey
With another entry from 1iQ Gang, it’s showing how great this team has been during these matchdays. With impressive performances he picked up 2 goals and 3 assists with 1 match MVP from 4 matches.



LS - AzZ
Joining his team mates from 1iQ Gang is AzZ, who has also shared similar form to his team. A player who can make the difference for any team as he shows his class once again this season with FIVE goals and 1 assist with 1 match MVP from 4 matches.

RS - Brainzz
Brainzz from Akwa Corp who transferred from ObstruXion, was in a destructive form. No team has been able to handle this man since he joined Akwa Corp. And again this week he picked up 3 goals and 3 assists from 5 matches.

LS - KeukenRol
Another strong player from Akwa Corp is KeukenRol, after his transfer away from Knallgas it was anyone’s guess where he was going to end up next. But he has been sharing similar form to Brainzz with 4 goals and 3 assists and 2 match MVP’s from 5 matches.


Honorable Mentions - The Bench


GK - ShreK - Impulsion

CB - Happybob - Ragnarok FC
LB - RogerWilla - Magic Storm E-Sports

CDM - Hoz_Wolf - Akwa Corp
CDM - SpiersJ -  Rebrand Project
CM - Behrez - Stade Poitevin FC by orKs GP
CM - Harelinho11 - 1iQ Gang
CAM - KarimLaw26 - AkwaCorp

RS - PatoJr - Magic Storm E-Sports
LS - Gankicus - Ragnarok FC
ST - Scaro - Impulsion


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