TOTW: S26 | League INT | Matchdays 11-16
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To honor special performances in the International League, a TOTW will be posted regularly. The players chosen will be based on the match days of that week.


How is the TOTW determined



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GK - Bazahlt_Para

The incredible shot stopper from ALL4TheGame has once again shown his class and ability this week with 6 Matches played he notches up 4 Clean Sheets and 1 Match MVP. With Clean Sheets coming from games vs FC National, LWG Critical, PCS Jackal & Rebrand Project.


RB - xLewy9x

From VIBORAS is a familiar name in Lewy, with the Slovenian playmaking Wing Back picking up 2 Goals 1 Assist, with 2 Defensive Clean Sheets from 5 Games Played. Picking up a Goal in the 2-2 Draw vs FC National and another goal and assist in the 4-0 Victory over Rebrand Project.


CB - iD4rk

And another player from ALL4TheGame is iD4rk with 5 Matches played he grabs a Goal and 3 Defensive Clean Sheets. With the Defensive Clean sheets coming from the 4-0 win vs FC National, 1-0 Win vs LWG Critical and 1-0 Victory over Rebrand Project. With the Goal coming in the 3-3 Draw vs PYRAMIDS.


CB - Alvarez

Alvarez from Symphony picks up the last spot in this Back 3. With 6 Matches played he grabs 1 Assist, 3 Defensive Clean Sheets and 1 Match MVP. With the Defensive Clean Sheets coming in the 4-0 Win vs Rebrand Project, 1-0 Win over CS Vulcan and the 0-0 Draw vs JustWatch FC. Whilst grabbing an Assist in the 4-2 Defeat to PYRAMIDS.



CDM - Misaj8

The Central Defensive Midfielder from JustWatch FC has been in good form with 6 Matches played he has picked up 1 Assist, 2 Defensive Clean Sheets and 2 Match MVP’s. Defensive Clean Sheets coming from the 0-0 Draws vs Rebrand Project and Symphony with the Assist coming from the 4-2 Win vs PYRAMIDS.


CM - ALL4TheG4inZ_YT

From ALL4TheGame is the slick playmaker ALL4TheG4inZ, with 3 Matches Played he grabs 2 Goals and 2 Assists with a Goal and an Assist in the destructive 4-0 Victory over FC National, and an Assist in the 1-0 Win over LWG Critical. And a Goal in the exciting 3-3 Draw vs PYRAMIDS.


RM - DumneGod25

From FC National is DumneGod25, with 5 Matches Played, he grabs 2 Goals, 1 Assist and 2 Match MVP’s. He grabs an Assist in the 2-2 Draw vs VIBORAS, with the Goals and Match MVP’s coming from the 2-2 Draw vs Portuguese Rangers e-Sports Club and 4-1 Loss to LWG Critical.


CAM - kalvin

Another player from ALL4TheGame is kalvin, with 6 Matches played, he grabs 2 Goals, 5 Assists and 2 Match MVP’s. With the 4-0 Win over ALL4TheGame he picked up a Goal, 2 Assists and a Match MVP, also the 2-0 Win over PCS Jackal picking up 1 Goal, 1 Assist and the Match MVP.



LS - Danta4000

Danta4000 otherwise known as PyR-Kabouummm from PYRAMIDS has had an incredible matchweek with 4 Matches played he grabs EIGHT Goals and 3 Match MVP’s. Grabbing 2 Goals and a Match MVP in the 4-2 Win over Symphony, also picking up a Hat-Trick and Match MVP in the 3-2 Victory over CS Vulcan.


RS - ArCeZ

And another player from ALL4TheGame is ArCeZ with 6 Games Played he picks up 6 Goals, 3 Assists and 2 Match MVP’s. 2 Goals coming from the 4-0 Win vs FC National, The Goal in the 1-0 Win vs LWG Critical, a Goal and an Assist in the 2-0 Win vs PCS Jackal also a Goal an Assist and Match MVP in the 3-3 Draw vs PYRAMIDS.


RS - AlexisTB
And from Portuguese Rangers e-Sports Club is AlexisTB with 5 Matches Played grabbing 7 Goals and 3 Match MVP’s. Smashing home 2 Goals with the Match MVP in the 2-1 win vs Juventus Bucuresti, also grabbing 2 Goals and Match MVP’s in both the 4-1 Win over Symphony and 2-2 Draw vs FC National.


Honorable Mentions - The Bench

GK - Az1ix - Black Wyrm

CB - NoSkillZ - ALL4TheGame
LB - Tazmiro - PCS Jackal
RB - Weisko - LWG Critical

CDM - KingDonM1c - ALL4TheGame
LM - eivlafrap - Symphony
RM - ALL4TheSan - ALL4TheGame
CAM - Amra - LWG Critical

LS - Kahli - Black Wyrm
RS - Brainzz - Symphony
RS - AirChewy - LWG Critical


Image from Gyazo


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