TOTHS: S28 | League UK/IRL | Matchdays 1-11
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To honour special performances in the UK/IRL League, a TOTHS has been made for Matchday 1-11. The players chosen will be based on their performances throughout the matchdays.


How is the TOTW determined



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GK - Planet_Doyle

Far and away the best goalkeeper in the league this season. Planet_Doyle has been extremely reliable between the sticks to keep QPR eSports in reach of the title.



CB - JacekPol_55

The only defender in the TOTHS to score a goal, JacekPol_55 has also been solid in defence and secured 3 clean sheets in his 8 appearances in the league.


CB - TheAmazingTiDus

TheAmazingTiDus has carried on his great form from last season and has earned a place in the TOTHS with 4 clean sheets in the 10 appearances he has this season.


CB - hQ_495

4 clean sheets and 2 assists make hQ_495 the stand-out CB for the first half of the UK/IRL season. A solid performance so far to ensure QPR eSports are top of the league midway through the season.



RB - deek

Deek has carried on his great form from last season and earned a place in the UK/IRL TOTHS. With 2 assists and 4 clean sheets, deek has shown the league what it takes to play on the wing.


LB - JarCze

4 clean sheets in his 10 games as right back shows how reliable JarCze is at the back. Very dedicated in protecting his team and has earned a place in the TOTHS.



CDM - ginganinja231

Buzzing off his place in the TOTS in Season 27, ginganinja231 has not slowed down in terms of performance. 3 MVPs from CDM show his importance to Blind Side and their recent success. 1 assist and 1 clean sheet show his all-roundedness.


CDM - Futchygu

With 2 assists and 3 clean sheets, Futchygu has been vital in RB London's season so far. This season, an MVP to add to the list of achievements shows he can do it all.


CAM - Lilsey

Proving to be the most creative player in the league, Lilsey has earned 6 assists on top of his 2 goals for QPR eSports. The manager of QPR eSports will be disappointed to drop points with such huge expectations but is still hungry to win the title.



RS - -Skadoosh-

Skadoosh when called upon has been clinical, 10 goals, 1 assist and 2 MVPs in 8 appearances show he is far and away the best play of the season so far.


RS - Beaniho

Feared by many, Beaniho has lived up to his reputation as a deadly finisher scoring 10 goals in 11 appearances. 3 assists also show he isn't shy to play for the team if needed.


Honorable Mentions - The Bench

CB - ImBen

LB - L_Cap_21x


CAM - Swazz

LS - Gankicus

ST - Ash

ST - Claimant

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