Season Preview S29: League UK/IRL
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A survey was sent out to the UK/IRL Premier League community. All the players who completed the survey predicted the full table at the end of Season 29, which was then collated to give the results pictured.


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Season Preview

The 7th UK/IRL Premier League season will coincide with Season 29 of ProLeague. 14 teams have entered, and a season preview has been created to give some background on these teams.


1. Endless eSports

Endless eSports surprised everyone with their title win last season, apart from themselves of course. Endless eSports have used their place in INT 1 next season to entice some big players to join their ranks, including Madoorah and Sjef184. Of course, they will lean on last season's top scorer Claimant to help in their push for another title.


2. QPR eSports

QPR eSports will be disappointed with their 2nd place finish last season. They have dropped down a place in this year's predictions but will be looking to top the league with some big signings. The legendary English attacker AzZ has joined the ranks, while playing CDM at the back end of last season it looks like he will play ST and will certainly do damage with -Skadoosh- and Lillsey playing closely behind them in CAM.


3. Vikingar

The last and first-time Vikingar played in the UK/IRL Premier League they finished comfortably at the top as champions. Vikingar is back with a new mix of Swedish and English players ready to challenge for the title again. Vikingar have assembled a team of players who nearly all won a trophy last season. Having more squad depth than their first outing will certainly help in their push for the title this season. Vikingar have already shown they are a threat by earning qualification to INT 1 in the pre-season qualifiers.


4. Ahlawy

Ahlawy has never finished outside the top 3 in the UK/IRL Premier League. The community is predicting this will happen for the first time this season. Ahlawy has proved to be a gatekeeper for the Champions League positions and will want to push on one further and win the title for the first time. Ahlawy's transfer window has consisted of signing some UK League staples such as Xenotripz and OnlyClank who know what the league is all about. OnlyClank ended his last full season with Ahlawy as top MVP, top scorer and top assister it is important to note.


5. 1 Moment

Former champions, formally known as FC Cadre, 1 Moment have revamped their team. The core of British players have left and 1 Moment has concocted a team with a mix of experienced English and Romanian players. SAL has joined as co-manager and the current FA Cup holders will look to avoid their infamous slow start to the UK/IRL League to ensure they are in reach of another title.


6. RB London

RB London has been predicted to finish 6th for this season. RB London struggled to find a consistent lineup last season but was definitely a team to look out for. Ash was very dangerous in the ST role at the start of the season, but in RB London fashion he found himself in the LB and GK positions which their opponents were excited to see. pajoslav983 is also a player to look out for who has an eye for an assist.


7. Sons of Pitches

Formally known as Inter Mareel, they are the oldest team in the division after their inception in season 24. Another squad of very experienced players including the highest scorer in the league of all time in Muffin7. Sons of Pitches are very consistent in squad and position and usually finish the season on the edge of a Europa League spot.


8. Bad Side

Formerly known as Blind Side, Bad Side is in a transition period after losing long-term players such as Pudsey and manager ginganinja231 to Sons of Pitches. Keeping hold of core players such as Hero-to-Someone and AndyH5 who can certainly do some damage in attack they will be confident they can do well this season.


9. Explosive Esports

From the outside looking in, Explosive Esports is a team consisting of 'misfits' from different clubs, Explosive Esports will look to prove the community wrong and finish higher than their predicted position of 9th. Afterall, let's not forget that Leicester City had a team of misfits when they won their infamous 5000/1 title.


10. Unity Esports

Formerly known as Gecko FC, Unity Esports has revamped its brand and its team. Unity Esports will be aiming to prove people wrong and be very hard to overcome with a prediction of 10th. Usually, a team the UK/IRL participants take very seriously, Unity Esports have lost a few big players in KaatShchuk, FrazlDazzle and HeTT3x_ROM1 which may have resulted in a lower prediction than usual.


11. Delphine FC

Delphine FC has caught a bit of attention from the community due to its incredibly large squad size. Currently, the squad consists of 43 players, mostly with not much ProLeague experience they are definitely an enigma. The only footage of the team is a 3rd place finish in the Friday Evening Tournament, which can be very competitive on certain weekends. A team to keep an eye on.



The manager, saminpram has come from VFL and recruited a new team to compete this season. Their aim is to be as competitive as possible and will be aiming a lot higher than 12th. A little bit of unknown about OURKID ESPORTS, which may help them this season. They have had a successful pre-season and hope to take that into the UK/IRL Season 29.


13. Inter Galactic

Another team with a sense of unknown, Inter Galactic has a good-sized squad but with a large number of inexperienced players. Inter Galactic will do their best at the start of the season to see where they shape up against the rest of the league.


14. Special Pueri

Special Pueri will want to start strong and lose the opinion of them as an easy game from the rest of the league. With some experienced players such as KELLS and SlothmanGM they will definitely be looking at finishing higher than 14th to prove their doubters wrong.

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