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Now the season has ended it’s time to honour the best players of this season. The players are chosen based on stats by the media team and the admins of this league. The maximum rating of 96 is only given to those ended up top of a Leaderboard List or broke a record. In case you want your card, send a DM to DasKaninchen#2945 on Discord.




Starting XI


With the minimum amount of votes, REV-Eleven takes the surprising spot in goal. With only eight games played, REV-Eleven had the best clean sheet per game ratio and ended up on a shared second place on the goalkeeper leaderboard, just behind REV-Lani (eight clean sheets in twelve games) and RAG-Rikimaru360 (seven clean sheets in eleven games).

Left Back

By far the best left-back of this season and the defender with the most MVPs this season is RAG-Bobby. The Swedish wingback defender troubled most attackers with his strong defensive play and his support towards the midfield. Even without scoring or giving any assists, the Swede has shown to be an outstanding wing back and a key player for Ragnarök FC.

Left Center Back

It is not a surprise the center defensive contains at least one REVIVAL-player. The backbone of the success in winning big matches lies in the center and with the many experienced options the Dutch side has. REV-Baldini (formerly known as REV-No1Baker) has a sober playstyle as he scores rarely, but when he does it is at an important moment. As well this season, scoring just once. However, he did this in the 1-0 victory over Promising. Combine this with the fourteen clean sheets in an astonishing sixteen games, his TOTS spot is very deserved.

Right Center Back

To complete the defensive force in the center, REV-Piggy has made his way to the starting XI. The Dutch striker might not be allowed to play on his main position due to an unfair advantage over rival teams, his defensive skills are on point as well. Conceding two goals in just eleven games and gaining two MVPs at a side like REVIVAL, is truly remarkable.



Right Back

To balance the defense, another Ragnarök FC player has made his way to the lineup. RAG-Ronan had a strong season, finishing third with Rangarök after joining them halfway through the competition and helping them out on the wings as he kept five clean sheets in nine games. Most of these clean sheets came over the last rounds in the league against direct rivals like Legacy and Juventus Bucuresti. Due to these outstanding performances, RAG-Ronan has deservedly secured a spot in this TOTS.



Left Defensive Midfielder

The first midfielder to make this year TOTS is REV-Olli from REVIVAL. After moving to a defensive midfielder role this season, the Belgian proved himself to be a crucial part of Revival’s success. With thirteen clean sheets in eighteen games, the Revival veteran managed to tie the previously held record for clean sheets in the league int. 1. His consistent performances show why he is one of the best and most versatile players in the international scene, and a well deserved a spot in this TOTS.



Right Defensive Midfielder

Beside REV-Olli we have his teammate and captain, REV-PietHeyn. Following a short stint at el Tornado, The Dutch international made his comeback season in the international league one to remember. In fifteen games, REV-PietHeyn earned himself twelve clean sheets, one goal, and five assists. Since statistically improving each season, the REVIVAL manager deployed his skill set in all parts of the field and played a pivotal role in between the attack and the defense. REV-PietHeyn’s all-around contributions to his team’s side secured him a spot in our TOTS.



Central Attacking Midfielder

The first one up from the attacking side of the midfield is JUV-George292 from Juventus Bucuresti. His popularity among Juve’s managers is obvious, as he amassed 30 performances for his side, making him their third most capped player this season. In those thirty games, the brit scored nine and assisted thirteen goals, giving him roughly zero point seven-goal contributions per game, and put him in second place in the assists leaderboard. JUV-George292’s impact was instrumental to the Romanian side, as they took the league by storm and ended second. 



Central Attacking Midfielder

Last but not least in the midfield category we have REVIVALS creative playmaker, REV-KeukenRol. After a brief spell at his old club Equality 05, the Dutchman returned to the international stage to reclaim his old role as REVIVALS number 10. Only missing one game this season, REV-KeukenRol bagged himself nine goals and seven assists in seventeen games, giving him the fourth most scorer points this season. In five league games that ended 1-0 in REVIVALS favor, REV-KeukenRol had his hand in all of their sole goals. Without his contributions, his side would have been 10 points lower in the league, tied with Juventus Bucuresti and perhaps ultimately being denied of the title. Thanks to his importance and clutch goal contributions, REV-KeukenRol deservedly made his way into our TOTS.



Left Striker

Perhaps the most impressive player this season is Juventus Bucuresti’s star JUV-Cristiano. The striker had the season of his life, scoring an astonishing nineteen goals and assisting another five. In seventeen games the Romanian earned himself eleven MVP awards and had an average of one point four goal contributions per game. With those stats, the Juventus Bucuresti captain earned the most scorer points this season, had the most goals, and the most MVPs. JUV-Cristiano’s debut season in the international league will be one to remember. His performances were a key factor for Juventus somewhat unexpected success. With that being said, the Romanian undoubtedly deserved a spot in our TOTS.



Right Striker

The last spot in our TOTS goes to REV-Madoorah. After moving to REVIVAL from his old club Outlawz before the start of the season, REV-Madoorah had an instant impact to the dutch side. In his first five games, the dutchman contributed to eight goals, including four in their game against Unshackled. In seventeen games, REV-Madoorah scored a total of eleven goals and assisted another nine. His excellent performances this season rewarded him with the award for most assists in the league. Conclusively, the dutchman ended up second on the scorer points leaderboard, only four points behind JUV-Cristiano. Aside from being the statistically best offensive player for his side, the Dutchman was also REVIVAL's most capped player this season. These exceptionally good performances from REV-Madoorah granted him the very last spot on our TOTS.





He kept the most clean sheets and won the title with REVIVAL after a magical nine match streak without conceding, REV-Lani just got one vote short for the Starting XI of this seasons’ TOTS.


Wing backs

RAG-NathanOxley kept eight clean sheets in eleven games and gained himself two MVPs.

Three goals, one assist, and six clean sheets are solid stats, for Pain, the Romanian all-round defender, who made his way to a new club: Queen.

Center Back

The Dutch national squad and REVIVAL legend REV-Yuri only conceded two goals, assisted one and scored one goal this season. If he had played all matches this season, it would not have been improbable to break his previous record on most clean sheets in one season.

Defensive midfielders

It must have been an odd season for JUV-TineriHenri, the Turkish midfielder had a very strong season and performed well above the prediction, on the side of it he made a promotion to admin within the int league.


The French midfielder and center back, L5-Roskad, was one of the revelations in Legacy this season. Keeping three clean sheets in eleven games and winning himself two MVPs made him one of Legacy's more important players.


Offensive midfielders

With the previous appearance in TOTS, this year is no different for the Legacy manager, L23-Doelpunten. With five goals and one assist in fifteen games, the Dutch international was the best offensive player for his side.


Just slightly missing out on the starting XI, JUV-xLewy9x accompanies his teammate on the bench. The Slovenian had a solid first season in the international division 1, bagging seven goals and four assists in seventeen games. 


Being somewhat overshadowed by his teammates this season, REV-Thijmo is another player just short of making the starting XI. With five goals and five assists in fifteen games, the REVIVAL veteran had as usual a season with very good individual performances.



With fewer appearances than usual, REV-Stefan still shows why he is one of the most effective offensive players in the league. In thirteen games, the dutchman got twelve goals, seven assists and seven MVPs. 


And the last player to make the bench is the Ragnarök FC manager, RAG-Dex84. Besides guiding his side to a solid third-place finish, the Belgian finished the season with seven goals and four assists in seventeen games, making him statistically the best offensive player for Ragnarök FC this season.

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