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Application Thread for International Teams - Season 22 (FIFA 21)

von Doelpunten | 01.09.2020 - 14:57 | neue Teams

Here you can officially register your team for the ProLeague.

The registration deadline is: TBA


What we want to know from you:

  • Name of the club:
  • Contact person of the club:
  • Club logo:
  • Date of foundation:
  • Teamspeak address/Discord link:
  • Squad list (if the team is already available on the page, the link of the team page):
  • Other leagues you are participating in (or will be in the coming months):

Information for the further procedure:


After the application has been posted in the form of the forum post, the team is officially in the pot of teams considered for inclusion in the next season. If you know what your chances are and when you can get news about it, just follow the procedure below:


As soon as the current season is approaching its end, we will set a sufficiently long deadline for the new teams to apply.


Additionally, there will be an announcement on the ProLeague Int. Discord server, so that you can find out in time when and until when an application is possible.

Tips for a successful application:


  1. keep the team thread (squad list) up-to-date
  2. have enough members (you need a minimum of 7), full teams wil be greatly prefered
  3. participate in the official tournaments of the ProLeague
    • Hall of Fame Challenge
  4. show activity in evening tournaments
  5. participation in the ladder

Points 3, 4 and 5 are not mandatory, but they significantly increase the chances of being accepted.


1.2.3 Organisations: Teams of the same Organisations can not play in the same league. This regulation is subject to review and can be decided differently by the admin team in individual cases.

1.2.4 League affiliation: The admin team decides on the league affiliation of each team.

We require every team captain to be on the ProLeague Int. Discord server!
The Discord is used for better communication between the admins and the team captains: https://discord.gg/3rUmrn7


Good luck with your application!

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Antwort von Jk4yn | 13.09.2020 - 14:15 | neue Teams

  • Name of the club: Las Estrellas
  • Contact person of the club: jk4yn , Harelinho11​, Franjo0
  • Club logo: Already known 
  • Date of foundation: 2016 
  • Teamspeak address/Discord link: https://discord.gg/CEuVVzn
  • Squad list: it'll be ready asap when the season finished,as some of our players currently playing for other teams. The team has players with both German 1st League and international experience. u'll see the whole squad after the last fifa 20 season has ended. https://proleague.de/team.php?id=119#team
  • Other leagues you are participating in : None
  • History: Five players in our team carried their ex team to the finals of the Champions League last season.  We're a group that has been together for 4-5 years. Actually we found nVe team but its rights given to another hands unfortunately and now we're here to make history again.
    1x finished as 2nd on int1 league as nVe 
    2x finished as 1st on int1 league as LasEstrellas

    twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/jk4yn

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Antwort von TheRomanianGeek | 14.09.2020 - 19:31 | neue Teams

What we want to know from you:

  • Name of the club: CS FCSB
  • Contact person of the club:TheRomanianGeek,Costel
  • Club Logo:
  • Date of foundation:2020
  • Discord link:https://discord.gg/ARUe8NR
  • Squad List:https://proleague.de/team.php?id=1802#squad(we have more people coming from FIFA 21)
  • Other leagues you are participating in (or will be in the coming months):We will be participating in the Romanian League from next season.
  • Note:We played in the last HoF and last 4-5 evening tournaments and we want to play in everyone from now on.

Antwort von Kaizer | 14.09.2020 - 23:23 | neue Teams

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Antwort von Gua7d1an | 18.09.2020 - 18:51 | neue Teams

Antwort von Danialex | 21.09.2020 - 15:46 | neue Teams


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Antwort von -Skadoosh- | 25.09.2020 - 01:16 | neue Teams

  • Club: Fluidity

    Contact: Skadoosh/Gank/Lilsey

  • Club logo:

    Date of foundation:2020

    Discord: https://discord.gg/d8Q33QQ

    Squad list: FIFA 21 start so will be added

    Other league: VPL

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